18 May 2010

Harvard Egghead resorts to...

... venerable "I know you are, but what am I" strategy...halls of macadamia/And Michael Ignatieff... apparently forgetting earlier promises about taking the political "high road"... is just getting started...

“Our opponents attack us without ceasing and, occasionally, they pretend to run the government of Canada.”
Hmmm... constant attacks, culture wars... that sounds so familiar...
Mr. Graves went on to say that polling data shows the Conservative Party “does seem to provide a haven” for people with xenophobic or homophobic views."
Hey... isn't that the guy... who was advising Michael Ignatieff, just weeks ago, to start a... well... "culture war"?

I guess desperate times... and plunging poll numbers... require desperate measures.


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...the usual G&M cheerleader springs into action...
halls of macadamia/You get paid for this, right Janie?


Honey Pot said...

What a lying hypocrite, Iggy is. So what does he think this is going to do for him and the liberal party? Confirm the fact they are liars and desperate?

The liberal elite will have no choice but to tar and feather him and send him out of town on a railroad flatbed box.

For someone who declares himself an intellect, he isn't very smart.

Michael Harkov said...

The word "hypocrite" used to be an adjective to describe "Liberal" was. Now they are synonyms.

Honey Pot said...

“Our opponents attack us without ceasing and, occasionally, they pretend to run the government of Canada.”-Iggy

I love that line so funny. The conservatives are running the government ,and you iggy, well you're just noise. Like a bee at a picnic, annoying, but something that you catch under a paper cup and then squish.

Neo Conservative said...

geez... what unnamed leader of the liberal party of canada said...

“Nothing is personal in politics, because politics is theater. It is part of the job to pretend to have emotions that you do not actually feel.”


Alberta Girl said...

So lets see - Iggy wonders out loud about abortions for third world countries, the press jump on it and suddenly it is Harper who is bringing up divisive issues?

Does this idiot think we are all fools.

It's just like the Geurgis thing - the 360 they have all done is so bloodly laughable and yet they continue blindly demanding we didn't hear what we heard or see what we saw.

What a bunch of doofus's.

Neo Conservative said...

iggy has taken frank graves recent advice to start a "culture war"... by accusing stephen harper of... what's that... starting a culture war?

i guess the liberal policy cupboard really is bare.


Honey Pot said...

I really can't believe how complicit the liberal media are in the lies of the liberal party.

They really must think Canadians are stupid.

The days when the liberal msm ran the country and told Canadians what to think and believe are coming to an end.

The rise of the internet coincides with the death of the liberal party. That is just a fact. Canadians are not isolated now and willing to eat the shit the liberal msm has been feeding them for decades.

Many Canadians are thankful for the new media on the internet who catches the msm regularly lying and bring that information to the Canadian people.

Not an ounce of integrity left in the liberal msm.

Neo Conservative said...

"hp says... told Canadians what to think and believe"

your tax dollars... his african abortions...

”Quelle surprise, Michael Ignatieff’s culture war continues.”