16 May 2010

i, Dumbass

The Globe & Mail... not afraid to ask the BIG questions...

-- "Will we eventually need to extend human rights to humanoid robots?" --
robot pollTime for the Globe to move on, I guess... now that we've solved all those other pesky little problems...halls of macadamia/Paging Bono.


Neo Conservative said...

making jokes about children being murdered?


yeah, libby... that's right up your alley, isn't it?

-- deleted, yet again --


robins111 said...

I wasn't surprised at this poll/article, By any reasonable count, the Glob's staff would be about 95% PETA supporters who insist that earthworms have rights.

Apparently they think that there is a veal cutlet tree somewhere in the Holland Marsh which keeps them fed, (organic only).

So extending rights, to robots would be the next logical extension, followed quickly be SLAPP lawsuits for the civil rights of a 9/16 wrench.

Neo Conservative said...

"robins111 says... insist that earthworms have rights"

just another brilliant missive from the people who brought you "bono the singing journalist."

yeah, that's what we need... more p.r. stunts & utterly improbable polls.

personally... i'm with chris rock...

"I hope that Live Earth ends global warming the same way Live Aid ended world poverty."

you really wanna do good... go build some schools in afghanistan.

oh, that's right... we're already doing that.


dollops said...

Excuse me. Does this post and the comments I have read suggest that robots and robot enhanced humans will not ever pose ethical and moral questions? The *why proceed until all the current problems have been solved* mentality would have us all living in caves until the ventilation was perfected. Let's not allow our scorn for the G+M distract us from serious consideration of its rare thought provoking poll.

Neo Conservative said...

"dollops says... living in caves until the ventilation was perfected"

hey, doll... not to burst your battlestar gallactica bubble, bro, but... you are aware that a goodly number of the earth's inhabitants are... figuratively, if not literally... still living in those self-same caves, right?

you think maybe, just maybe... before we get all caught up in this way-cool cybernetic ethical dilemma... we could fix up some of that "dismembering children for the magical properties of their various body parts" stuff first?

uh... live long & prosper.