21 May 2010

Of Kirpans, Burqas, Turbans & Kilts

Can we assume they're all similarly prohibited?

-- ALBERTA -- Hamish Jacobs is fighting for the right to show a little leg.

The Raymond, Alberta high school student wants to honour his Scottish-Canadian heritage by wearing a kilt to his school’s graduation ceremony, but his principal has told him to wear pants like everyone else.
Of course... the kilt... that's where we absolutely have to draw the sartorial line.


"Out of curiosity: where would you draw the sartorial* line?"
Okay.. I'll bite...


Anon1152 said...

Out of curiosity: where would you draw the sartorial* line?

Just in case any one out there is like me, and wasn't sure what sort of "line" was in question:

sartorial |särˈtôrēəl|
adjective [ attrib. ]
of or relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress : sartorial elegance.

Joe said...

Maybe in Raymond a grad can't wear a kilt to his grad but 30 years ago in a small town in East Central Alberta my friend wore a Roman toga.

Personally I wear a kilt all the time and can't think of a more comfortable garment.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon 1152 asks... where would you draw the sartorial* line?"

okay, i'll bite... how about naked-ass chaps?

oh crap... now i've gone and offended the gay community.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

WTF??? Don't tell me the Kilt represents our Neo-Con Zionist War Mongering Colonialist Culture and must therefore be banned!

Anonymous said...

join a pipe band and get yer kilt. the assholes that inhabit this country will one day chokke on their own stupidity. aye, my ancestors wore the kilt and i would not wear one if i was paid. such silliness.

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll says... i would not wear one if i was paid."

uh, nonny... lemme try this again.

your... (or anyone's for that matter)... personal taste is not the point here.

read slower. think.


Anon1152 said...

Strangely, I may recognize the chap in those... uh... chaps. I was the parade that year. But I digress.


The argument (implicit or explicit) made by you and others (e.g., fivefeetoffury) seems to be that this is crazy, because the kilt is banned but burqa's, kirpans, etc are not, and that there is an anti-european or anti-white sentiment behind the kilt ban.

But... Raymond is a small town in rural Alberta, founded by mormons from Utah. Apparently the majority of the population is still Mormon.

Info from the last census:
Population: 3145. Total "visible minority" population: 95. (50 Japanese. 40 Black. 10 South Asian).

I don't expect there to be any graduates allowed to wear the burqa, but not the kilt.

***scroll down to near the bottom for "visible minority population characteristics"

Neo Conservative said...

"anon1152 says... I may recognize the chap in those... uh... chaps."

well... not especially surprising... he did have those very distinctive lipstick prints on his ass.

and, mormons, chechens, martians... whatever... this is canada... for the time being, anyway.


Frances said...

At our children's high school grads, there was always at least one kilt present. Looked really smart, too. At U of C, it is not uncommon for a member of the band piping the dignitaries to retreat, pick up his gown and hood, and graduate in kilt.

Can you imagine if Simon Frazer U had this ban?