30 May 2010

Knowing full well, he will never, ever...

...get his hands on the actual levers of power... Taliban Jack seeks to set a cat among the puffins...comrade jackYes, yes, Jacko... "play" and "talk"... because in the final analysis... that's what you're really good at.



"Hope Jack is practicing safe coalition."
If it's anything like the last time these mutts tried to hook up... he'd better be wearing a helmet.


Anonymous said...

Taliban Jack refuses to acknowledge the reality that the combined Lid/Dip numbers are not enough, that being said the Bloc would have to be a formal partner in such a coalition, which they are not by the letter of the agreement that was signed by Dion, Layton and Duceppe.

Neo Conservative said...

well... to be fair... this isn't about tj trying to accomplish anything in the real world.

jacko simply sees an opportunity to smack iggy's dick down... and he's not gonna miss a single chance to kick the puffin king while he's flailing about in the polls.


langmann said...

Sure as neo says this is all about playing penis games with Iggy.

But lets not forget that given the chance to form an alliance with the Liberals so he can run up debt and transfer our children's future income to their union and big business friends, let all the criminals out of jail, and engage in a race to see whether they can bankrupt the country before they perform all their myriad of social experiments - TJ would leap at that oppportunity.

Harper has this subtle strategy of lowering corporate taxes below that of the G7. As described by a OECD review this is the only strategy governments have that would be effective at increasing productivity and income.

wilson said...

oooh, guess those coalition of losers talks are not going so well, eh.

We all watched Jack sell out 'any Dipper principle' for a seat in cabinet,
looks like Liberals aren't buying.

Anonymous said...

Jack and his librano pals. Hope jack is practicing safe coaition.

Yesterday's Librano RatPack has degenerated to the level of today's pustile covered, putrid and festering rodents, blathering and frothing at the mouth, appearing not at all unlike those fetid and diseased rats that carried the bubonic plague and brain-cell-rotting tertiary syphilis of the brain.

Today's visiting Librano rats carry a far worse plague, even worse disease, dementia and pestilence.