26 May 2010

Never mind pesky facts

Just gimme another sweet chorus... of "Abraham, Martin & Dawg"...

The demography would have shocked the guns-are-for-bigots brigade. The participants were overwhelmingly young, roughly equally split between the genders and decidedly multicultural -- whites likely being in the minority.

There wasn't a camo-clad angry old white man to be seen amidst the hundreds of attendees.
Just another story you'll never see on the CBC.


Honey Pot said...

You will see it on the cbc, they are trying to figure out how to spin in it, in the favour of the drug lord, and his army of fuckwits.

I feel sorry if there is a white police officer in the crowd, you know he is going down as a racist picking on the drug lord.

Neo Conservative said...

i guess you actually meant to comment on the post about the jamaican civil war.

funny, though... how cbc & company... despite all the deaths... continue to refer to this drug lord as robin hood.

yeah... he's some hero.

and the bodies continue to pile up.