22 May 2010

He's 12 going on .38

While Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals try to defend 2 billion dollars spent chasing farmers, duck hunters & skeet shooters... GTA pre-teens are packin' heat...

Further investigation tied the boy to a Wednesday night robbery involving at least three males at a Food Basics on Westney Rd. N., Selby alleged.

“It’s interesting that we (allegedly) get him with a gun the next day.”

The boy was slapped with 19 charges, including robbery, several weapons-related offences and eight counts of failing to comply with recognizance in connection with previous charges.
If only there was a law.


Anonymous said...

Not to worry. The three opposition parties are preparing a private member's bill that will permit anyone under the age of 18 to carry a gun openly. That way when you see one of these thugs on the street it will be the responsibility of every citizen to do nothing to antagonize the little cretin who obviously comes from a disadvantaged home and is therefore not responsible for his misdeeds.

bmaynard said...

to powell lucas;

that bill is an excellent idea. just think of how low the crime rate will go when you make something once illegal, legal. sounds like liberal justice to me.

Steve said...

More basketball courts...

Neo Conservative said...

here's what's really scary... this kid is in grade six.

what are all his teenage brothers doing?