28 May 2010

Murder? Nah, let's just call them...

...involuntary martyrs...halls of macadamia/Once again the capricious & unknowable "Will of Allah".


Alex said...

I know you're an atheist, but you have to admit that at least Christians who disagree with one another don't go about blowing up each others churches while worship is ongoing...

Neo Conservative said...

"alex says... blowing up each others churches"

c'mon alex... it's like all those compassionate, intellectual liberals are saying... these guys don't have a choice here... their gawd told them to do it.


robins111 said...

Donno Neo, I have to agree with Alex, I can't remember the last time I hear of a Lutheren strapping a case of dynamite to his kid to make a social statement.

Of course they appear to be running out of willing rug-rats and now are forced to use critters like donkey's.

Neo Conservative said...

"robins111 says... a Lutheren strapping a case of dynamite to his kid"

okay... ya got me there.

i'm just tryin' to get my head around that whole blowin' up people at random thing... here they are goin' after folks who apparently aren't good enough muslims.

good thing these gomers spend so much time fucking each other up... they ever get their shit in one bag, israel would truly be duffed.