27 May 2010

Hey Dalton... bite me

Don't know if most folks are aware of it... but the McSlippery Liberals have done away with the 20 year "rolling" exemption on their Drive Clean pogrom (and no, that's not a spelling mistake).

Oddly enough, it doesn't impact anybody who has an 88 or earlier fire-breathin' big block muscle car... just not so good for the rest of us who don't go out and buy a new sled every few years.

Anyway, had a few tense moments when the N-Mobile (my trusty grandfather of an SUV) didn't get through an initial test.

Happily, after a few not so cheap tweaks and a new O2 sensor... we sneaked through once again.

Funny how the bureacrats chose to penalise folks who actually reduce Ontario's overall energy footprint by reducing conspicuous consumption. I mean, whaddaya figure all those 24 hour auto plants and their subsidiary industries contribute to our pollution problems?

Wait a minute... aren't those the guys getting hundreds of millions of McSlippery taxpayer bucks on a regular timetable?

Hey Peace Moonbeam... stop screamin'... I'm just askin'.


Rural and Right said...

Uncle Dalton has to make us pay for all those govern-mental drive clean machines some how.

Neo Conservative said...

if the car companies are regularly getting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars... and i'm not even talking about the bailout... why can't they make cars that aren't poisoning the planet?

why is this thing on my back?

set up checkpoints that actually target smoking, unsafe cars... instead of this scattergun, make everybody pay again tax grab.


Ed said...

Actually it's vehicles from 1987 and before that are exempt. My ride is a 1988 and it isn't exempt.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... used to be a 20 year rolling exemption... but dalton decided to kick a little more taxpayer ass.