11 May 2010

Somali pirates disappear into...

...mysterious Beria Triangle...

"We'll have to do what our forefathers did when they met the pirates" until the international community comes up with a legal way of prosecuting them, Dmitry Medvedev said on the day the ship was stormed.
Yeah... who could have possibly seen that coming?


Alex said...

I'm guessing Somali pirates are about to have Flagspotting 101: Avoiding Russian Flagged Ships.

Neo Conservative said...

lot's more thinking outside the coffin, er... box... in the 10,790 comments as of 1:15 tuesday...

"We should just start placing bounties on the heads of the pirates. Then they will just start kidnapping each other for the money instead of anyone else."


Unknown said...

Heh works for me;)

Anonymous said...

maybe the various navies of the world should put "undercover" ships in trouble zones that appear to be merchant vessels, but are filled with troops and armed to the teeth. I have a feeling the pirates would think twice about attacking any ship after one pirate ship torpedoed into the stone age.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... after one pirate ship got torpedoed"

nyet, tovarisch... "torpedo 'em all... let allah sort 'em out."


mahmood said...


The Phantom said...

Russians use torpedoes on Somali pirates? Never going to happen.

Because its a waste of a perfectly good torpedo, is why. Russians will run them over with the ship.

Or possibly club them like baby seals to save ammunition.

jwkozak91 said...

A Russian poem circa 1920 -

"Little apple, little apple,
Where are you rolling?
If you're rolling to the Cheka,
you won't be rolling back.

Neo Conservative said...

just spitballin' here... but i imagine every time a somali pirate sees a russian flagged ship from this point forward... his arsehole's gonna start flapping like a wounded bird.


langmann said...

I wonder if they let one go to tell all his friends?

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... I wonder if they let one go to tell all his friends?"

chances are these guys were all from the same village... if not family.

i'm guessing the message got through loud & clear.

and, trust me... there was a thorough interrogation before these dumb bunnies sailed off to valhalla.

any more russian ships are attacked... don't be surprised if some mysterious strangers pay that place a visit sometime in the future.

they're playing by "putin rules" now.