29 May 2010

Dear Iggy

suckass politcal correctness-- Q: -- How can you tell when a politician is lying?

-- A: -- His lips are moving.

-- Oops --

"I have rented a property in London, rather than buying one, so I have made no gain from buying a property with help from the taxpayer."
-- Oopsie --
In an interview with the Times newspaper, carried out on Thursday before the revelations emerged, Mr Laws had said he was single.
Stand by for the money quote...
"In some ways it is a relief not to have to go on misleading those close to me about who I am."
You mean that you are a thief & a liar?

Sorry, Mikey... it's obvious that none of you grifters, wherever you are... can be trusted.

If you're spending my money... I want to know it all.


"It seems Tiger Woods played the same card. In Tiger's case his sexual preference is 'lots'."

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...if you're in the Liberal Party of Canada...
There were some smirks and sniffs as rookie Liberal MP Michelle Simson told caucus colleagues this week that sometimes it’s easier to do the right thing. It was not a message her colleagues enjoyed hearing.

Rather than praising her and encouraging other MPs to follow her lead, however, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff told members not to do what she did.

“Right now, she is not very popular in our caucus,” said the Liberal source. “It’s hard when you go against the grain, especially when it’s the right thing to do.”
Remember... friends don't let friends vote Liberal.


robins111 said...

It's just dissolving for iggy like butter in a hot pan.

He'd be better off standing up like a man and telling folks that 'yup, we got some crooked unethical assholes in the liberal party, and I'm about to clean it up.

We know thats not happening so, melt away, your count-ness.

Neo Conservative said...

you've gotta love how... this brit gets caught with his hand in the till... he plays the gay card.

wonder how the rest of the homosexual community feels about... "my sexual preference made me do it"?

otoh, i guess it worked for good ol' svend.


syncrodox said...


It seems Tiger Woods played the same card. In Tiger's case his sexual preference is "lots".


Neo Conservative said...

"snycro says... his sexual preference is 'lots'."

gives a whole new meaning to the phrase... "playing nine holes".


Frances said...

"Although we were living together we did not treat each other as spouses" - try that one with Rev Can when they want to couple you with the roomie to create a common-law situation and take back the GST rebate, etc.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that when the heat is building on MPs to have their expense accounts audited, that Toews throws them the G8 and G20 security budget numbers so that they have a burning "issue" to take the heat off. An all party scam on the taxpayer.

Speaking of taxpayers, it was amusing listening to Holland say thet the government had "stolen" all this money from the Canadian public. This is from a Liberal who's party still owes the Canadian taxpayer $40 million that was stolen through adscam.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... try that one with Rev Can"

what are you saying? you mean the government just doesn't take our word that we're not cheating on our taxes?

they audit our tax returns?

i'm insulted.


Frances said...

Neo - I do so hate to be the one to destroy your innocence, but, yes, Rev Can is not populated by believers. They're skeptics to the core, and can be nasty with it. I'd love to see a common-law couple - homo or hetero - try to convince Rev Can they weren't really spouses because they had separate bank accounts and went to different social events.