28 May 2010

Say what you will about Comrade Layton...

...unlike Orwellian aristocrat Michael Ignatieff... Jacko lets you know exactly where... and with whom... he stands.

( -- thx again to reader michael -- )


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halls of macadamia/Apparently there's room for everybody down at the big rainbow-coloured tent.


Rural and Right said...

Is that the same 2 Union Thugs dressed in drag with Comrade Layton ?

jwkozak91 said...

Why-T.F. is Jack! wearing a fascist blue tie?!

Neo Conservative said...

"r&r asks... the same 2 Union Thugs"

this is comrade layton having a very public photo-op with some of his sudbury steelworker pals from vale-inco.

i'm guessing jacko treated them to a nice taxpayer-subsidised brunch before they got around to posing on the steps of the house of commons.

kinda nice to see these guys have a thug apprenticeship program.