24 May 2010

A "Social Media Relations" Copper?

Or, Officer Twitter... dare I say it... you got a sociopath with a gun... you don't start comparing playlists... you call in SWAT and they drop him like a crazy girlfriend...

“The only way we’re going to stop someone from getting shot is by convincing the person holding the gun to put it down,” said Const. Scott Mills, the force’s social media relations officer.
It seems, though... Officer Mills is a true believer...
“I couldn’t believe the things they were saying,” Mills said excitedly. “I was just blown away!”
The thing is, Scottie... you keep talkin' rainbows & candied unicorn farts... you could be.

Call me a troglodyte... but I've yet to actually witness the magical, healing powers of (and I use the words loosely) "rap music". Gotta confess, I'm with Chris Rock... I'm just not seein' it...
Women don't care, man. If the beat's all right, she will dance all night! I've seen girls on the floor dancing to the nastiest shit ever made. It's like, "Smack her with a dick, smack her with a dick!"

If you mention to a woman that the song is disgusting and mysoginistic, they all give you the same answer: "He ain't talking 'bout me!"
Yup... it's always somebody else's problem.

Just ask Tupac... wait a minute...


langmann said...

And this whole time I thought it was guns that were causing all these guys to break the law and hurt each other.

You mean it might be drugs, social and cultural issues that are causing this?

What an awakening.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... I thought it was guns"

sure, don'cha know... "guns cause crime"... just like "pencils write poetry".

and if these guys bust a few rhymes about love & happiness... all our problems will magically disappear.

i wonder if constable mills, the force’s social media relations officer... instead of kevlar... "wears a flower in his hair".

peace & love, dude.


langmann said...

The guys rhyming for the cops will be ignored or treated like sell outs.

If they want to make a difference they need to do what has been shown to work in other places. Boots on the ground community policework, no crime too small, and hard time for hard crime.

Its not politically correct and it doesn't win social studies awards, but as econometrics has shown, it works.