20 May 2010

He was gonna, what... make soup?

C'mon Gil... Ol' Willie got caught with a pail full of, well... human head... and you're shaking the technicality tree?

-- VANCOUVER -- Defence lawyer Gil McKinnon argued Pickton's six second-degree murder convictions should be overturned, because a B.C. Supreme Court judge made an error during his charge to the jury and while answering a question by the jury during the 2007 trial.
And what's up with this "second degree" bullshit?

Can't we just assume that, after the first five corpses... (never mind that the unofficial bodycount is somewhere on the dark side of forty)... there was an element of premeditation here?

No wonder lawyers are so popular.


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Blame Crash said...

When the Death Penalty is brought back in, we must use it with gusto and make it retroactive. We may as well have some fun with it as well.

For example, we could have a reality TV show that details the heinous acts of convicted murderers and have the viewing audience phone in with their vote. Kinda of like that music show that’s so popular.

Then, at the end of the season, the grand finale will have a lucky member of the live audience come onto the stage in order to give a hearty tug on the disconnect switch that then sends a million volts coursing into the Grand Loser. The second season could perhaps have a Hangman’s Gallow. The third season could be a celebration of our French Fact and have a guillotine set up on stage.

What a sensation this show would become! Think of the ratings!!

Anonymous said...

The death penalty may not be needed, just that a Life sentence (for murder) should mean you never get out of jail - ever. No conjugal visits, no weight room or exercise facilities, no satellite TV, just 4 bare cement walls until you die.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... just 4 bare cement walls until you die."

sure, if we get that... myself (and likely most conservatives) would probably back off on the death penalty.

hmmm, i wonder... which canadian political party would be most likely to get tough on criminals?


Norm said...

I am amazed when liberals are implicitly OK with corrupt and/or incompetent police and Crown prosecutors, i.e. what if the police make a mistake and convict an innocent person?
The abolitionist poster boy, Donald Marshall, was not so innocent. He and Sandy Seal tried to mug Rob Eberny and old Roy knifed Sandy for his troubles. The Cape Breton cops found the nearest Indian (Marshall) and it was case closed.

Neo Conservative said...

"norm says... the nearest Indian"

you mean the asshole who lied about being part of the robbery, right?

curious how no one mentions marshall's 2006 arrest for "attempted murder" or the charges of assaulting his wife.

some aboriginal icon.