31 May 2010

The first thing we do...

...is hang all the lawyers...
halls of macadamia/Or, maybe just cut a few extraneous bits off 'em.


R. G. Harvie said...


Everyone hates a lawyer.

Until they need one.

langmann said...

Nah, RG.

Everyone hates a lawyer. Especially when they need one.

R. G. Harvie said...



langmann said...


Powell lucas said...

People wouldn't need lawyers quite so often if lawyers weren't the ones crafting the language used in laws, mortgages, and business contracts. They write 'em so only they can interpret 'em.

Neo Conservative said...

heck... who could really dispute this proposition? so this woman unnecessarily lost a breast... what's the big deal?

she's obviously got another one.

thank you perry mason.


Anonymous said...

"Laws are made by lawyers for lawyers"
The old fashion job security game.

Rob C

Dave Thompson said...

According to court rules, if you hire a lawyer, you are a "ward of the court", or a person of unsound mind.

If you put your life into the hands of thieves and liars, you deserve what you get.

Neo Conservative said...

"But asked if his client now understands there’s no place here for honour killing, Mirosolin could only say, 'I’d rather not comment'.”

no wonder these guys are so popular.