29 May 2010

From the folks who brought you...

...lead-painted baby toys...

Mounties in Vancouver took over the investigation and watched as 352 kilos of ketamine — known as “Special K” or “K” on the street — moved to the Toronto area, LaPorte said.

The drugs accounted for about one million doses worth up to $15 million on the streets, LaPorte said.

James Dong Kim, 39, and Chung Wei Lee, 32, were charged with importing ketamine, possession of ketamine for the purpose of trafficking and conspiracy to import.

"A criminal act should mean instant deportation. Save the immigration lawyers for real cases."
Preachin' to the choir, my friend... preachin' to the choir.


Anonymous said...

Our immigration policy is fairly liberal and, as such, one would expect to get some bad with the mainly good. However, after seeing the constant string of criminals being charged with everything from terrorism to gang involvement to white collar scams, I would say we got a few good with the mainly bad.

Neo Conservative said...

well... i'm guessing the majority of immigrants to canada simply want to find & live a better life.

funny though, you read the papers or watch tv... you begin to notice the preponderance of major criminals don't appear to be homegrown.

more to the point... our system apparently isn't that interested in aggressively pursuing the bad apples...

"-- BRANTFORD -- A convicted terrorist ordered deported from Canada two decades ago is still living with his family in a modest semi-detached bungalow in Brantford."


langmann said...

Yeah and as usual the system has no problem screwing over those people who have lived here and contributed but get nailed by some technicality.

A criminal act should mean instant deportation. Save the immigration lawyers for real cases.

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm... it's no surprise the ignatieff liberals don't draw the line at kissing khadr ass... they even want to repatriate death row inmates from other countries.

remember... friends don't let friends vote liberal.


Anonymous said...

Foreign gangs now control much of the drug trade in Canada, forget bikers etc. Vietnamese, selling and growing pot, Jamaican's selling crack and weed, Israeli's selling rave drugs, chinese as the article mentions, various mobsters selling coke (some bikers too), and I've barely scratched the surface. Of course most of these people came in through the 'front door.' (real conservative)