19 May 2010

Imprisoned mad-dog bikers...

...demand equal say in revamping Corrections Canada policy manual...
halls of macadamia/Sure... that could happen.

Is it just me, or does anybody else see the inherent contradiction in this "unanimous motion"? Aren't these the folks (or a goodly number of them, anyway) who have sworn to break up the country?

Call me crazy... but the PM taking advice from Gilles & company? That's like Kim Jong-Il calling in the Marine Corps to shore up his security detail... or getting dating advice from your ex-wife.

No, Mr Harper... you just keep on doing what you're doing. When ol' Gilles gets his own damn country... he can start making up his own rules.


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halls of macadamia/Don't let politicians pick your pockets.


Rich said...

On the Bloc having anything to say about ....anything.
I bet you're really thrilled with the Bloc also being part of THIS whole process on A'stan.
After all, why would we not want those do not want to be part of Canada taking a full
role as described here:-
"A committee of four MPs, having taken oaths of confidentiality, will decide whether the documents are relevant and necessary for the special Commons committee on Afghanistan to review. Next, a committee of three jurists (yet to be named) will decide how and in what form they should be released. The jurists' decisions will be final. They may insist on redactions, to protect national security or the safety of Canadian troops. "
The Bloc will be as "fair" as the NDP I'm sure:- “If there's Canadian complicity, or negligence, or failure to act – that's the nub of all this,” NDP MP Jack Harris said on Friday. “That's what all this is about.”
(Then there's Ighabod's crew.)
What possibly could go wrong?

Neo Conservative said...

well, rich... i guess i'm just sick & tired of all the p.c. gushing... rainbows & candied unicorns... as opposed to straight-up critical thought.

i've got dawg constantly screaming racism... and zealots like rob budde trying to justify the murder of a police officer by robbie's aboriginal idols.

and hey... anarchists (whatever the fuck that's supposed to be these days) are firebombing banks in the nation's capitol.

and the politicians are busy outlawing skull-shaped vodka bottles? gee-zus.

logic, reason and straight talk... that's what I miss most...

"Yeah, and we should have handed over the Pickton investigation to Davie Street hookers."

no wonder people love kathy.


Rich said...

I hear you and agree.
I sometimes think I'm in a country that bears no resemblance to the one in which I was raised.
It seems that common sense has vanished, critical thinking is completely out of favour, and the outlandish has become the norm.

Anonymous said...

my name is...my name is....

Neo Conservative said...

hey nonny... put up or shut up.

your forged blog is just another cowardly little stunt to attract my attention.

unfortunately... i'm obviously way more important to you... than you are to me.


maryT said...

Why are quebec politicians against increasing their population. Have they considered how many possible votes for separation they are killing.

Anon1152 said...

The Prime Minister of Quebec is Jean Charest: a federalist, and former head of the federal Progressive Conservative Party. (The Conservative Party has no seats in Quebec at the provincial level. The liberals are the centre-right there).

And yes, it is "prime minister" of Quebec, but ... the Premier of Ontario was known as the Prime Minster of Ontario not that long ago (around the 1970s I think...).

Anyway. My point is that the leader of Quebec is Charest, not Duceppe. The Quebec government is officially not separatist. And there have been two referenda on separation (1995 and 1980) where the voters have chosen to not separate.

That said, your point was more about the unanimity. But the unanimity isn't that crazy or contradictory... unless you think that one's position will or should always and in every case be the exact opposite of someone else's position.

I hope that's not the case. Though sometimes I wonder...

(One complaint I have about politics today is that one's position on particular issues seems to be determined more by one's real or perceived "side" than by any reflection on one's values and reality...)

Neo Conservative said...

"anon1152 says... determined more by one's real or perceived "side" than by any reflection on one's values and reality"

you mean like how "once upon a time" conservative jean charest is one floor-crossing away from leading the pq?

the only thing these guys believe in is getting re-elected.

and please don't get me started on the pervasive corruption in quebec politics.

this was a unanimous vote... a very deliberate finger in stephen harper's eye by the people who don't really see themselves as part of canada, for the sole purpose of garnering anti-fed cred.

what they should souvien is that a couple hundred years ago... they got their asses kicked... and they have to choose whether to start all that up again... or try be part of canada.

imho, until they give up the separatiste shit entirely... they don't get to tell us how to run the country.


maryT said...

Re the above post re bring back the death penalty, seems we have it in Canada but it is only for unborn children and called abortion.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... you just gotta love some of those compassionate, intellectual... pinko priorities...

"Inmates at Ontario jails and correctional centres will be vaccinated for the swine flu Monday, while the guards protecting them have been told their clinics have been cancelled, the Sun has learned."

sweet baby jeebus.