27 May 2010

A story you won't see on CBC tonight...

Scratch a Fiberal... find a dishonest little weasel...

The Liberals shielded one of their own Thursday from answering questions about alleged lobbying at the same committee where they have grilled former Tory MP Rahim Jaffer over similar accusations.

Liberals Marlene Jennings and John Mckay, who do not usually sit on the committee, ran down most of the clock at the meeting with long speeches on why Mr. Lee should not testify.
That's not the way they played it for the record though... funny how that works.
The Liberals earlier supported a motion calling for Mr. Lee to appear.
Way to audible, Mikey.


syncrodox said...

Way to go Haavvaahd Schmo.


liberal supporter said...
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Honey Pot said...

That is why I am hoping for a coalition for the liberals and ndp. Get rid of them both with one final blow.

The liberals are basically hated in Canada, for their lying scheming and thieving ways, and the ndp is considered the lunatic left fringe. That would be a marriage that would produce a freak of nature, that would resemble something out of Dante'
s inferno.

The only thing the liberals have going for them is their buddies in the msm, who are willing to go down with them.

You just know the liberals are not going to be able to control the freaks in the ndp party at the G-20

You just know the lunatic left is going to be begging to be tear-gassed or tasered, and let's not forget their bank bombing friends.

It is going to be the end of the left in Canada, when Canadians get to see them performing raw at the G-20.

Looking for a NeoCon top said...
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syncrodox said...
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Neo Conservative said...

hmmmm... it seems i'm getting bombarded with all kinds of homophobic nonsense by my ol' buddy liberal supporter...

"just want to kick their heads in somehwere dark after you've finished with the blowjob."

sorry, libby... you crossed a line... you don't get to comment here anymore.

-- deleted, yet again --