28 May 2010


...the victimless crime...

Elham Dashtirahmatabadi was found inside High Times — a book, Internet and drug paraphernalia store she owned with her husband at 187 King St. E. — by a police officer who was flagged down by two customers at about 2 p.m. on Tuesday.
Good gawd... killed for a crack-pipe? You can't smoke a cigarette in a restaurant... but flogging drug paraphernalia is okay?

Welcome to Dalton McGuinty's socialist paradise.


Arindam said...

so what are you people doing? making fun of the incident? this is my sister who was killed! what if you were in their situation? would you like me ridiculing you then?

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, pal... it's a shame any time anyone dies before their time... but you choose to base jump, race f1 cars, get shot out of a cannon... or sell drug paraphernalia to dopers... you are voluntarily putting yourself in harms way.

wake up and smell the species.


Kim said...

The person who was murdered was completely innocent. She was targeted as easy prey, and it has nothing to do with the store she was working in.

Customers of Elham and her husband have left flowers and poems in front of the store. She was nine weeks pregnant when she died.

Shame on you for making light of a horrible crime committed by a horrible person.

Neo Conservative said...

"kim says... making light of a horrible crime"

making light... where do you get that? it was a horrific crime that deserves maximum punishment.

in fact, if it were up to me... i'd hang the murderer from the nearest tree.

what i said was... dealing with scummy dopers is riskier than selling mary kay.

you get that, right?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, you're not judging at all.

"dealing with scummy dopers"

Perhaps you've forgotten that marijuana is a legal, controlled substance.

She wasn't doing anything illegal.

As for your assertion you weren't making light of the crime...

"drugs... the victimless crime"

I think your position is summed up right there.

You're a disgusting human being if your first thought upon hearing of the murder of a young pregnant mother is "victimless crime".

Thanks, but I'll take a "scummy doper" over a narcissistic bigot like yourself, any day.

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll screeches... 'victimless crime'"

got a dictionary gomer? go look up "sarcasm".

and you say you'll "take a scummy doper" over lil ol' me? you mean like the one who murdered this pregnant woman?

well... nobody can say you don't have priorities, huh?