14 May 2010

Now over to Peter Mansbridge...

...for an exclusive report... on gravity holding shit down...

Anybody remember the CBC using the cropped image of Stephen Harper (popularly referred to as "Heil Harper") as a teaser on their web page?
Of course... unless you decided to click on that particular link... you didn't get the actual context...
Funny how that works, huh?


BONUS RIFF: Pass the Grey Poupon

"Come join us as we and other members of the political class celebrate the birthdays of Count Michael Ignatieff and Czar Nicholas II."
halls of macadamia/Anybody spot the satire here?

HINT: Actual humour doesn't involve comparisons with the instigator of one of the most infamous incidences of mass-murder in recorded history.


LAST WORD: Our "billion dollar" media baby
"This all sounds about as reliable as shipping lettuce by rabbit."
Spend, baby, spend.


mahmood said...

Leave it to a cbcer to find a way to expense per diem and wine...and hey, is OJ still in jail or can he assist with the search for the real bias?

Honey Pot said...

Another waste of taxpayer money. The cbc is bias, the liberal spin machine, and no one in Canada needs an expensive report to tell them that.

Neo Conservative said...

sort of puts me in mind of our honourable members voting not to have the auditor-general look at their expenses... "no, no... don't bother yourself... we've got this."


Anonymous said...

bias. those at the cbc do not know the meaning of the word. that goes for most liberals as well.

Blame Crash said...

The CBC and the rest of the Toronto media dirt bags aren’t bias.

They are bald faced, Lying Leftist Prog Propagandists.

And we encourage them when we continue to refer to them as “bias”.

Now, about that study. It can be best summed as “duh”

Joe said...

So CBC is going to investigate its own bias....

Why does that remind me of Chief Wiggam on the Simpson typing out his reports on his invisible typewriter?

Neo Conservative said...

"joe says... typing out his reports on his invisible typewriter"

hmmm... why do i keep hearing the dulcet tones of michael ignatieff... "hookers, mobsters & blow?


Anonymous said...

I love that party invite for Count Ziffy! According to the talking heads on CTV Power Play the PPG was all excited about the invite...until they realised it was a joke. They were punked! Bwa ha ha!! Some creative genius at work...screams of sarcasm and mockery...'the political class' indeed.