14 May 2010

Hmmm... it took place last month?

halls of macadamia/Lemme get this straight... all the while Michael Ignatieff was feeding us histrionics about "hookers, mobsters & blow"... he knew all about Pablo Rodriguez?

And hey... how much is Canadian Press torquing this little tale?

Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez has been charged with refusing to obey a police officer following a traffic accident involving his car.

"There are no other charges — like, for instance, driving under the influence. There are no others."
So, this is all about, what... poor Pablo and some pushy bully of a cop?

In actual fact...
The common charges are impaired driving and driving with a blood alcohol concentration exceeding 80 milligrams in 100 milliliters of blood or refusing a lawful demand, normally for a breath or blood sample.
He couldn't manage to blow hard enough for the machine?

Sounds a little strange to me... hot air is one thing these guys are never short of.


mahmood said...

Cue the TorontoCentric msm outrage...and we're waiting...and waiting....still waiting...

Neo Conservative said...

apparently, for the canadian media & liberal leader michael ignatieff anyway... this only counts as shameful conduct if you're a conservative mp... who was defeated in the 2008 election.

yeah... what media bias?


maryT said...

Rosemarie Barton saying he did admit to drinking wine that night. He will remain in caucus. Mr Z will stand behind him for being open and honest.
OLO leader would not say when they were told of the accident. Wonder what their reaction would be if it was a conservative MP-oh we already know.
Oh, and the PP panel with Don Martin, doesn't think decisions, or documents will be released until possibly fall. Petty said it might happen during or after an election.
Much was made that the Minister thanked the official opposition for their help in reaching a deal. So, what did the ndp/bloc try to get and didn't. Main reason deal reached, opposition doesn't want or are afraid of an election.

syncrodox said...


Pablo didn't seem to have any problem with his lungs when he was pushing his Y2koyoto private members bill.

It must be sudden onset asthma caused by global warming.


langmann said...

Well neo, with all due respect, its not that newsworthy.

Liberals are well known for stealing money from the public purse and breaking laws that they feel shouldn't apply to them.

Everyone knows that so its not really news.

Amazing the double standard, isn't it.

Anne in sw ON said...

From the Globe and Mail story comes this little nugget:

"Comments have been disabled
Editor's Note: We have closed comments on this story for legal reasons. We appreciate your understanding."

I'm sure they would've extended this courtesy to Miss Guergis and her husband if they'd thought of it at the time. No bias there, ya think?

maryT said...

Who is going to pay his legal costs. Story at NNW re Paul Szabo is reason the mps don't want expenses audited is cause many mps are sued or charged every year and the taxpayer picks up the cost. So, will we pay for his refusal to blow.
If so, could we demand he never blow up in the HofC again.