20 May 2010

Hanoi Jane Taber trots out...

...the O.J. defense... "Free Michael Ignatieff... so he can find the real bullies"...
halls of macadamia/

“Canadians have to say, ‘Yeah he’s not so bad. They’ve written all this bad stuff about him. He’s not so bad. He’s a human being."
Just spitballin' here... but if the high-water mark of your campaign aspirations is simply to be recognised as "a human being"... I'd say this one's already in the crapper.

I mean... Holy Elephant Man... for gawd's sake, FREE IGGY!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, by being "not so bad" he's also admitting he's not that good.

Great election slogan: "Vote for me, I'm not so bad."

What a disaster.


Anonymous said...

So pathetic - why do the MSM carry water for this man? He is floundering and going under again. Cheers. FernStAlbert

wilson said...

Oh that guy Harper,
what a bully!!!!

Dear Unelected Leader of the Official Opposition,
If yah couldn't even win the fight for your own party's confidence,
what in the hell made you think you could win over Canadians?

I mean get real buddy,
you were the #2 pick of the B Team.
Before that you weren't even on a Canadian team.

robins111 said...

For the love of Gawd, will this poor pathetic asshole just learn to keep his pie-hole shut.

Isn’t this just a prime example of self pity and ‘its someone else’s fault’ bullshit that has dribbled out of the liberals yaps for years.

Makes you just wanna take him by the scruff of the neck and yell “stand up on your own feet you spineless bastard”.

Anonymous said...

HEY HEY robin111.You can't be grabin one of them there intellectuals by the scruff of the neck. That would be just plain Un-Canadian. Not to mention a waste of time. (sarc off)

Rob C

rabbit said...

When a politician starts accusing others -- including the media -- of beating up him, he's pretty much through.

Voters are not a sympathetic lot. They don't go for the "poor little me" pitch. They want leaders who can slide with the punches, and who don't complain about how unfair politics is.

Stick a fork in him, Iggy's done.

Neo Conservative said...

yup, you start screaming... "i am not an animal"... it's obviously time for another leadership convention.


syncrodox said...


Wasn't the last one a leadership coronation?


Neo Conservative said...

"sync says... a leadership coronation?"

good point. maybe this time around, they could actually have a vote.