22 February 2008

"Give me the heat, bro."

More mindless, fuzzy-bunny pap from the Big Smoke...

Zekarias, who has no previous criminal convictions, was supported in court yesterday by 15 family members and friends, many with professional careers. They said they are willing to act as sureties for him, stressing he's "not a danger to society."
I'm guessing the family and friends of the man he shot in the head... might disagree.
Awet Zekarias ordered his friend Edward Paredes to exact his revenge against the bouncers who had hurled him out the doors of the Brass Rail Tavern two minutes before innocent bystander John O'Keefe walked into the path of the merciless bullet, court heard yesterday.
Thank goodness though, for the wisdom of defense lawyers...
"This is tragedy of monumental proportions, but my client comes from an excellent family and an excellent background," his lawyer, Howard Goldkind, said. "He has a full-time job (at a roti shop), always lived with his parents and this is an isolated incident."
Well, Howard... that's not exactly how this works.

Even in Dalton McSlippery's Ontario... your first murder 'isn't usually' deductible.


"Yeah, 'the BULLET' was merciless."

"Put the bullet in jail."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the BULLET was merciless. Put the bullet in jail.

Anonymous said...

"John O'Keefe walked into the path"


Obviously he had it coming, "Path walking bullet intersepter s" are all the same.


Anonymous said...

Wait... why did he have a gun anyway? And how did this "good kid" get it?

In Toronto it is harder to get a gun than to elect a Conservative member of parliament.

Neo Conservative said...

it was a legally registered firearm.

ol' awet joined a gun club and jumped through all the hoops... and then, contrary to the law of the land... which permitted him to take it straight to the gun club and back home... he started carrying it around.

it likely would have been way easier, to just pick up a saturday night special from someone in the hood... but this guy doesn't sound like the sharpest knife in the drawer.

bad gun... or bad boy?

in any case... there goes his promising career at the roti shop.


Anonymous said...

It gets worse:


" “This case is yet another example of what should have been nothing more than a … fist fight, but which predictably turned into a fatal tragedy due to the presence of an illegal gun,” said Johnson’s lawyer, Edward Sapiano, in an e-mailed statement.

He called the illegal gun “a vile despicable thing which wreaks havoc, pain and destruction upon the lives of so many, but which contributes to the tremendous ‘profits’ of private and publicly traded manufacturers in Canada and the U.S.” "

And lawyers wonder why everyone hates them?

The fact that it wasn't an illegal gun until his client acquired it seems to have gone over his head...

So, this guy kills a guy, and he won't even do 7 years in prison.

Does anyone know if the two thirds rule (i.e., out of prison after two thirds of a sentence) still applies here?

If so, he'll do less than five years for killing someone.

Neo Conservative said...


"JA Goneaux said... he'll do less than five years for killing someone."

well, it'll be federal time... so let's hope he spends every minute of it married to the sociopathic biker with the most cigarettes.

also... as noted above, it was a perfectly legal firearm... until this dickhead stuck it in his pocket and took it to the strip club.


Anonymous said...

Fancy Pants
Maybe he will meet the Salad Toss Man in Jail: