23 February 2010

Wanna get away with murder?

Just make sure you go absolutely screamin' apeshit over the line... and nobody (legally anyway) will hold it against you...

It was a crime so horrendous the judge found he could not be held criminally responsible for his acts, because no reasonable or rationale person could do such a thing.

“I find that Mr. Schoenborn did commit the first-degree murder for each of his children … but is not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder,” Mr. Justice Robert Powers of B.C. Supreme Court ruled.
Of course... all this guy has to do is keep his head down for a few years and make a semblance of being sane... and they'll release him back into the larger field of folk.

Oh, Canada.


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I'm sorry... but if you have a mental illness... you should be under the care of a court-appointed guardian, who is legally responsible for your day-to-day life. If your guardian cannot insure that you are complying with medical & legal orders... then they have a responsibility to report that fact.

And the system then has an obligation to intervene, which, yes... includes involuntary custody.

Draconian measures, you say? A mind-boggling expense? Maybe so. But we've seen the results of just standing by and doing nothing.

And, in my humble opinion... it's not worth the life of a single Tim McLean, Hunter Brown or Brian Smith.

Or a single Schoenborn child.

It's that simple. Do it now.


LAST WORD: Free in three months?

Yup... legally, that could happen.


Anonymous said...

For Timmy:

Kai said...

But Neo, the mentally ill have rights, don't you know? It would discriminate against them if we treated them as, well incapacitated. No, they're just differently abled, and deserve the same freedoms we all do. Especially the freedom to be homeless, and self medicating with illegal drugs on the streets.

Neo Conservative said...

"kai says... the mentally ill have rights, don't you know?"

well, the way i see it... the courts are deeming these people not responsible for their actions.

that means someone has to step up and take responsibility. if these folks families or loved ones are unwilling or unable to do that... the state must intervene.

society at large must be protected from people who can't control themselves.


Anonymous said...

Neo agree

I would also like to just say rest in peace to those three little angels.

God Bless

Scott T