18 February 2010

The 41 percent solution

Now... if you're going to institute multicultural quotas... shouldn't that apply to athletes as well?

-- VANCOUVER -- "I have been chatting with people and I've heard from quite a few people that they, too, feel that it was a spectacular show. And they only wish that they had a bit more portrayal of the multiculturalism in Canada."
I want my government mandated optics... NOW!


Anonymous said...

That's funny: I told a co-worker today that if you only knew Canada from the opening ceremony, you'd think the only white people were fiddlers...

sanwin said...

The guy who started this protest, one Sukhi Sandhu seems to be a professional protestor.

Of course, the CBC wouldn't want to do any investigation, would they ?


Anonymous said...

I heard a lady on CFRA Ottawa station say she would like a Canadian to be the next governor-general. The host said of course Michaelle Jean is a Canadian citizen.

But of course I know what she means - we have had governor-generals representing the Ukrainians, the Haitians, the Chinese and the female gender - how about an ordinary Anglo-Saxon boring male Canadian for a change, preferably a military type.

Anonymous said...

Do not blame to multiculturism
and olympic protestors
but you can
blame it to Flaherty and rich peopel in canada who do not like
equal right for all is spending money


Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty speaks to media following meetings with economists in Ottawa, Tuesday February 2, 2010.

The Canadian Press

Date: Monday Feb. 15, 2010 9:07 PM ET

OTTAWA — the federal government is expected to announce new rules Tuesday that would make it more difficult for first-time buyers to enter Canada's hot housing market.
verses Flaherty gave lots of money free of charge that only cost 8 million why they gave them 80 million to pay bounes for
Joe fresh in Loblaw fee for supermodle Hillery Weston fees

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and John Baird, the Transport and Infrastructure minister, will make the announcement at Ryerson on Tuesday, accompanied by the university's president Sheldon Levy and Loblaw executive chair Galen Weston.

A Star source has confirmed that the federal government is contributing $20 million to help grocery giant Loblaws long-planned supermarket Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens gets C$60 mln facelift

We must listen to protester in Olympic sport is first and
We must put

2% down 2% interest for not 4 years but also for 35 years and with not ask any thing as long as person proof did paid his rent to first time buyer
Food and shelter is first not rich people are first and sport is second

Flaherty cut and put pressure in first time buyer but on
not bonuses to bank officer who did cahnge bank laws he ask how bank paying money to employee and loblaw pay more to Joe fresh salary come one give me a break from 80 million of Maple leaf garden perhaps...
home is where the heart are not the rich are

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


what is relatioship of Hillery weston and Prince charlse
who know may Galen weston jr. is also was blessed by god father Prince charlse to gave tehm free 80 million dollare shortly after his trip to Toronto

Anonymous said...


if you wanted to prove you had shit for brains


Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll thoughfully replies... GREAT JOB YOU ASSHOLE!!!!"

hey... how could anyone argue with that compassionate, intellectual thesis?


sanwin said...

Wow Neo,

Who left the barn door open ?

The comments page seems to be invaded with anonymous morons.

Neo Conservative said...

"sanwin asks... Who left the barn door open ?"

well... bear in mind that the idiocy here is likely the usual dumbed down commentary of liberal supporter/martin/martine. he's not trying to actually discuss anything... just provoking anger & trying to jam up actual conversation.

otoh... there was actually a couple of interesting comments by balbulican in another thread.

you can always hope, i guess.