19 February 2010

Spoiled multi-millionaire dilettante...

...says therapy has made him realise he wasn't the perfect husband...

Since then, he has been linked to 19 mistresses, fined for careless driving, separated from his wife, left professional golf, lost several endorsement contracts and sought treatment for a sexual addiction.
C'mon, buddy... don't be too hard on yourself... who hasn't been caught between the sheets with 19, er... well, shit... I sure hope your wife has a damn good ob/gyn.

And hey, there's nothing like having a strong religious background to light the way, huh?
Mr. Woods said he is turning back to Buddhism, noting he was raised in the religion by his mother.
Yup... that worked out pretty good for ya, didn't it? Heck... nice to know though... you'll always have mummy.

I can see where all those values came from.


JA Goneaux said...

Maybe he's just gonna reincarnate 19 times to make up for 19 mistresses?

As Kathy Shaidle says: ever notice how its only married men who are sex addicts? No single men?

Neo Conservative said...

funny how all these guys only have these sort of clintonesque lightbulb moments after getting very publicly caught with their dicks hangin' out.

and while it's really touching... if somewhat bizarre... that mom is "so proud" of her baby boinker... it'd be way more informative to hear what romeo's wife has to say.


kursk said...

Buddha apparently had many concubines..

Anonymous said...

Romeo's wife wasn't at his press conference.

Finally a woman NOT standin by her man

maryT said...

So how many others are out there waiting to get their 15 minutes of fame. Must be a real downer for all those women to find out they were not so special after all. How many of them were after his marriage, how many from his teenage years and pre marriage.
I wonder how often he or those women have been tested for STDs. Glad to see his wife was not with him.

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Balbulican said...

I'm wondering at your use of the word "dilettante". I can think of at least two areas in which Mr. Wood can claim a depth of experience few of us ever achieve.

Neo Conservative said...

"balbull trumpets... a depth of experience"

well, bully... not to put too fine a point on it... he apparently excels at puttin' stuff in holes.

gawd knows what society at large... or the readership of people magazine... would do without him.


Anonymous said...

Neo loves to see a brown man go down.

MariaS said...

Drudge Report carried a picture of his mom kissing him on the mouth. This is one practice that many people in the West follow that I completely abhor. Why can't parents show their affection towards their kids by kissing them on their foreheads or on their cheeks instead.
On the lips? NO.

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll screams racism... loves to see a brown man go down."

yeah, gomer... like if you don't agree with president mcdreamy and his amateur hour agenda... you're a card-carrying member of the kkk.

pretty rigorous intellectual debate there.

you forgot to tell us how you felt about the serial adultery... or actually, i guess you did.

obviously tiger woods is about as trustworthy as the neighbourhood cocker-spaniel.

no big deal, huh?