11 February 2010

More prison... less "correctional services"

Okay, it's time... no more weight piles, televisions, counselling... or high-speed internet...

The Sunday Times newspaper reported last month that Colin Gunn — a gangland boss convicted of conspiring to murder a couple in 2004 — warned on Facebook that "I will be home one day and I can't wait to look into certain people's eyes and see the fear of me being there."

In other cases, escaped convicts have used Facebook to taunt the police. British burglar Craig "Lazie" Lynch became an Internet celebrity after he posted mocking messages and defiant photos on Facebook during four months on the run from a minimum security prison.
Do it now.


Blame Crash said...

Forget about "prisons"

I say we go "all in" with something like "Baffin Island Penal Colony". It's gotta nice ring to doesn't it!

langmann said...

This is the real issue, you conspire to murder someone and you should be in jail for 99 years. Then they can play on the internet all they want in there for all I care.

Neo Conservative said...

this is simple.

actions should have appropriate consequences.

reward good behaviour.

punish bad behaviour.

prison should be a memorably miserable experience that gives lawbreakers & predators considerable pause.


Anonymous said...

When we send criminals to jail now, we improve their standard of living. This is punishment?

The only recreational activities they should be allowed are Oprah TV, radio, and a library.

And those buggers should be tired at the end of a full day of manual labour. Then back for a meal of vegetarian spaghetti, not steak and baked potatoes.