26 February 2010

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Sounds like good ol' France could use some...

The French media, at least on the center and the left, picked up the Soumaré case after blogs and Facebook pages lit up with chatter about the case this week.

Despite a secular and egalitarian tradition in France, only seven of some 860 members of the French and Assembly come from non-white backgrounds.
Suddenly Canada doesn't look like such a terrible place after all.


The Grey Lady said...

Population of 65 Million and they have 860 Representatives and their associated tax eaters? Goodness thats alot of parasites to keep in a lifestyle most can only dream of.

Neo Conservative said...

makes for a good bit of fraternité... in some circles anyway.


Kathy Shaidle said...

Screw that! Suddenly FRANCE doesn't sound so bad... :-)

Neo Conservative said...

"kathy says... Screw that!"

perhaps i need to include more info (/sarc) my comments.

i was thinking of our good friend dawg... who, apparently... sees canada going to the, er... dogs... under the present dark lord harper.

the fact is though... france... which has putatively prided itself on its 'all men are created equal' socialism... is rubbing up against a breakdown in social controls that will shake the country to its roots.

canada... with the knuckle-draggin' neocons at the helm... is a paradise in comparison.

ironic, no?