05 February 2010

Newfies for Danny Millions

Maybe all those years of unrelenting dumbass jokes... have made Newfoundlanders actually believe they are second-class citizens...

Liz K from Boston, USA writes: "You have it wrong. This is a man that shoves your socialist wait times down your throats while he the capitalist does as he pleases."

"The message is wrong and you are quite frankly fooling yourselves for believing otherwise. What an insult to your Dr's not just from NL but all of Canada - and all of your health care workers."

"There is no way his problem couldn't be taken care of in Canada, unless your Dr's are incompetent. I'm guessing he is in Florida."

Posted 05/02/2010 at 10:14 AM
I don't care if Danny Williams goes to another planet for his healthcare needs... with the single proviso that he isn't telling the rest of us non-millionaire citizens what they should do.

Which he was.

The hypocrisy here is breath-taking.


Anonymous said...

It seems obvious that the reason he went to the US was to avoid waiting 6 months for the same procedure in Canada. When you have heart problems 6 months is a long time to wait to get an operation- you could be dead. (real conservative)

liberal supporter said...
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langmann said...

I say good for him if he wants to be treated in some other country, it just makes more room for someone here who isn't as rich as he is.

Eh. And the dumbass libsup sinks his owns side's argument against private health care in Canada with a rational statement.

Why can't libsup go embarrass himself on his own site?

mahmood said...

langmann queries...

"Why can't libsup go embarrass himself on his own site?"

because Superman hogs the thread.

sorry neo, couldn't resist.

David said...

The optics of this situation screams of the hyprocrisy of our system. Let us supplement our coverage based on a personal choice basis . It is not a lack of skilled doctors in this country rather a lack opportunity to be compensated for their talents. If any country could provide decent coverage for all and embrace world class service it is Canada. Combining our talent and a more competitive system we could be a world leader in inovative procedures. I would glady pay for my insurance and open a space for someone who needs assistance. Tommy Douglas did not leave a legacy of growth.no socialist ever has .

Nancy Drew said...

Let's be honest. Who gives a flying fuck about the opinion of a wee man who doesn't have the balls to write his blog under his real name? Pseudonyms are for poets and crooks. Which are you Nancy?

Neo Conservative said...

and here's liberal supporter again... fresh off his latest gig impersonating folks who are learning english.

it's a tossup between childish & disrespectful... although i suppose it's a step up from...

"Oh fuck off you silly child abusing liar."
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 5:52 PM, December 01, 2009

and yes... deleted, yet again.

you just have to wonder what libby would do with himself if he didn't have the blogging tories.

oh yeah... he'd just have to be satisfied with being an errand boy for this despicable excuse for a human being.


and hey, uh... nancy drew... unlike your anonymous drive-by self, or ti-guy, or liberal supporter, etc... i've been putting it out there every day for the last three years.

i'm right here... and you have my email address & these comments.

and unlike the various iterations of uber-lefty troll who are continually showing up here, trying to jam up the comment threads... people know where to find me to express their displeasure.

and, like yourself, they do... daily.

where exactly do i find your cowardly anonymous ass?