08 February 2010

The most important thing...

...is to have the right tool for the job at hand.


James Higham said...

Naked and agitated in Victoria, eh? Mind boggles.

Neo Conservative said...

the thing is, james... british columbia isn't actually a province... it's a rainbow painted clown car with borders.


David said...

And yet you still choose to live in that fetid shithole known as Ontario?

You take back your uninvited provincial brethren, then we can talk about clowns.

Rich said...

Get the net!

Neo Conservative said...

"david shrieks... that fetid shithole known as Ontario"

oh, boy... looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the futon.


Big Red Magnum said...

Neo Conservative
Ontario is not a Province it's an American car factory owned by the rest of Canada until you pay your debt sonny boy.
Still got the highest business taxes in North America I see, Coal fired generators are still running(green now I guess LOL), and the broken Nuclear plant plus two more that will never work, broken tax promises, health premiums,streets that electrocute you, lead pipes,polluted lakes, polluted cities, the OK Jane and Finch corral, and a fascist government that steals your wheels for speeding.
Ontario you can keep it, it's broken anyway.
The only good thing about Ontario is that it's on the other side of the country.

langmann said...


Good points. However, GVRD, need I say more?

If Alberta had a lake in it big enough for real sailing, I have to say I'd be living there in a minute.

Then again, there's always Texas.