22 February 2010

More Pavilions, er... Jihadis at Folkfest

An obvious "problem child" spouting extremist views, Hasan made numerous statements that were not protected by the First Amendment and were grounds for discharge by violating his military oath, investigators found.

In searching for explanations for why superiors did not move to revoke Hasan's security clearances or expel him from the Army, the report portrays colleagues and superiors as possibly reluctant to lose one of the Army's few Muslim mental health specialists.

The report concludes that because the Army had attracted only one Muslim psychiatrist in addition to Hasan since 2001, "it is possible some were afraid of losing such diversity" and thus were willing to overlook Hasan's deficiencies as an officer.
And it only cost thirteen innocent lives.


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The Ontario government paid nearly $16-million for the land, which was seized and occupied by protesters from the nearby Six Nations reserve almost four years ago.

Excluding the cost of the land, the simmering land dispute in Caledonia has cost taxpayers $64.3-million.
Thank you Premier McSlippery.


My name is...my name is... said...

gonads? you know something about gonads? doubtful being the anonymous pissant that you are.

Anonymous said...


Completely off topic

Can you not check the IP's of these trolls

Enough is enough

Scott T

Anonymous said...

Lets make something very very clear,there are NO Native aboriginals in canada otherthan the peoples of the high North that may have come across the Ice caps not knowing the Earth was round and that they were on frozen water plates.
I say this because my Status as a N.A.Indian has no value in canada from these bands of thugs that are actually part of the lower USA migration North as the climate changed and tribes moved further North for food.
I'm trying to get a USA AIC
(American Indian card) ID to bypass the Visa system or be refused entry merely from my candian passport ID.
But the US records for my Father's people are vague and many had to flee across in Quebec during the 1770 Eugenic program to sterilize all the Female Indians and let the rst die off.
Many Indians gave birth at home and buried theirown on their land with no overt markers,so basically...thanks to the First nations yahoos then extorted Native Status from canada while excluding my dad's people and now me from the Male bloodline.
My dad was born 1/4 mile from the US Border and even served for canada in WW2,his Grand father lost their language under the French Catholics and even my dad spoke French to survive back in the 1930's.

I'll conclude that it irks me to no end when the Career Victim natives want all the freebee's and self-pity to boot, and then dictate to the INAC Dept which American Indians have status in canada.
This is almost like the tripe spewed by Hamas that they owned the land as Muslims when Muhammed wasn't even born until about 600 years after Jesus and Muslims had not been created yet until around 630 A.D. .
Christians occupied most of the land that Muslims now claim was theirs , but today we see Christians being forced out of Islamic nations or even killed as foreigners and enemies of Allah.

Natives in canada have a special nerve to lay claim to the land when most have closers ties to Mexico and S.A. natives that migrated up through the USA area, now they show a real bigotry by denying me any Status in canada while the USA at least has the "Jaye" treaty of 1794 giving me Dual-Citizenship as 50% American Indian.

Just wait another 50 years and watch the minority groups try to out-breed each other and then want their Justice and Culture in canada while they rip up the Charter and Constitution.

I can be just as much of a bigot as anyone else,but at least I have the guts to speak it up front and not hide in the bushes until I have the power to wipe out the enemy as we see with some Jihadists in Europe.

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll shrieks... being the anonymous pissant that you are."

i guess there's no word for irony where this gomer comes from.

and scott... why would i care about this childish nonsense? how does this actually matter to anybody older than a second-grader?

if it really bothered me, i guess i could simply moderate comments.

the thing is... nonny here amply reinforces my over-arching point about the simple-minded lunatic left... daily.

he, in effect, works for me.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for straightening me out.

They are the best thing going for conservatives.

Anybody reading their juvenile nonsense would reach the same conclusion

Keep it up you assinine trolls!!!!

Scott T

Keep it up trolls!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey anon

That's what I like

A really intelligent debate

You just proved the conservative point again.

You have nothing of substance to add to any conversation.

You just come on here and rant and rave about anything and everything.

If you do not agree with what somebody is saying why don't you act like an adult, and go point by point through, their argument and tell us why you disagree.

I could descend to your level, but what would be the point.

Keep up the good work, you keep proving the point every single day that the loony left are really and truly stark raving mad.

Scott T

Neo Conservative said...

scott... what's gonna happen is that nonny, after years of screaming into the virtual void... will blow a blood vessel and stroke out.

he's left at least a dozen of these screechy screeds in the comment threads today... and you can see the escalation.

just ignore him... and i'll delete this nonsense as i get to it.


mahmood said...

neo sez...

"will blow a blood vessel and stroke out"

This dope has to be the deranged version of Elmer Fudd..."oohh, that wascally Mr. Neowoo, oohhh pwease Mr. Neowoo whet me pway on your site, oohh this is tewwible always being deweeted, oooh, hahahahaha, I have no more buwwets weft oohh"...

oh good Lord!, I can't help but laugh my ass off at the thought of this hammerhead Elmer Fudd character crawling out of bed every freakin' day to come over here to froth and drool...sure, the dude is crazier than a shithouse rat but dammit!, you gotta give the freak full marks for persistence...or something???