11 February 2010

A HUGE victory for the...

...morbidly obese community...

A five-year-long feud over a parking spot has ended with a human-rights victory and $10,000 settlement for a morbidly obese Quebec woman.

Marise Myrand won a favourable ruling from the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal, which said her condo association discriminated against her by denying her a parking spot closer to her building entrance.

She not only won the preferred spot, but all 35 of her neighbours will have to contribute to her $10,000 award.
So... now we're entrenching the human right... to be fat?

Oh, Canada.


"When I bought my condo, it included the deeding of a specific parking space. If this is the process in Quebec as well, then the Ms. Nolet "owned" her space and the HRC effectively expropriated it."

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LAST WORD: Gimme my rainbows & unicorns!!!
"I've been musing for years on how the illusions of multicultural tolerance have been hijacked by the avowedly unicultural and intolerant, but you could hardly have a more parodic example than Omar Hassan."
As Kate would say... more pavilions at folkfest.


The Grey Lady said...

Usually when you buy a unit in a condo association you have an assigned parking spot it is right in your purchase agreement. SO in effect the Quebec Human rights Ass. Has decided it can steal the Private property of others and and gift it to another they deem less fortunate who neeeeeds it more then you do.

Socialism is grand no? Be very afraid, when folks can rationalize this sort of stuff away, they are just one or steps away from some seriously dangerous Stink-in think-in.

Anonymous said...

When I bought my condo, the deed included the deeding of a specific parking space.
If this is the process in Quebec as well, then the Ms. Nolet "owned" her space and the HRC effectively expropriated it.
What is to stop Ms. Mayrand from now going to the HRC and demading that because she's fat she deserves a bigger apartment on a better floor and just takin someones's apartment from them?

Neo Conservative said...

does this open the door for other "human rights" proceedings in quebec?

can a junkie now demand the condo corporation construct a safe injection site?

can ugly people insist on building lighting being dimmed so they aren't made to feel conspicuous?

where does it all end?


James Higham said...

The right to be fat. the right to be free from anyone commenting on it. The right to send that person to prison. Great culture.

Josephine said...

Thought crime!

The Quebec "human rights" commission ruled that her neighbours "violated the inclusive values promoted by our society."

This is part of a legal ruling.

Neo Conservative said...

"josephine says... the inclusive values promoted by OUR society."

nice of them to let us know.


The Grey Lady said...

So if by some bizarre chance you got thru the "sharing is caring", give up ever thing you own for the greater good, taught by folks who parasitically suck from everything that is good from taxpayers, indoctrination of public school, the HRC will correct that small error in your programing. At your own expense naturally.... Good grief....

langmann said...

Property rights aside - which is a big deal.

What I think is so great about this ruling is that they took the spot from one handicap person and gave it to "another". Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.