04 February 2010

Well, the good news is...

...they're not shooting anybody... yet...

-- MONTREAL -- Mohawks in the Kahnawake reserve south of Montreal are reportedly sending out eviction notices to non-natives in the community.

Band councillors say their laws bar non-natives from living on their land, and are giving several dozen people 10 days to leave. Grand Chief Mike Delisle tells CTV News says this “nothing new“ and has “been a custom in Kahnawake since time immemorial.”

Delisle adds that the council is not heartless and will negotiate with people who cannot leave in 10 days.

He also warns that Peacekeepers and bailiffs will be sent in to take other action if anyone defies the eviction notice.
Other action?

Like with Corporal Marcel Lemay?

P.S. -- It's only "ethnic cleansing" when the wily white man does it.