18 December 2007

Yeah, let's lock up Latimer...

For a decade... but this fruitcake's gonna get a hospital vacation... while they tune up his meds.

-- KITCHENER, Ont. -- Police in Kitchener, Ont., have arrested a suspect in an assault on a man shovelling snow, which may be linked to the killing of a 74-year-old man delivering Christmas cards.

Hunter Brown was attacked on Saturday afternoon with what police describe as an “edged weapon” and was left to die in a neighbour's driveway next to a pile of Christmas cards.

Police say a similar attack took place Monday, in which a man shoveling his driveway was approached by a man who made a "negative reference" to God.
Not too many details yet... but this is starting to sound like a very familiar story.

If you're mentally ill and you need medication to function safely in the real world, then somebody... parents, family or a social worker... should have to step up and be legally responsible for making sure you take your meds.

If someone can't guarantee that one simple fact... people who can't distinguish fantasy from reality, just shouldn't be out in the larger world.

It's not worth the life of a single Hunter Brown.

It's that simple.


RELATED: Or a single Brian Smith
Ontario's Conservative opposition leader took the government to task Thursday over the release of a man found not criminally responsible in the shooting death of Ottawa sportscaster Brian Smith in 1995.

Leeds-Grenville MPP Bob Runciman called on the province to re-evaluate the release criteria of the Ontario Review Board, the panel that gave Jeffrey Arenburg an absolute discharge, citing media reports that said the board found there was a 24-per-cent chance Mr. Arenburg would reoffend.

Mr. Arenburg, a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, is under arrest for allegedly assaulting a U.S. border guard last week.
Not criminally responsible?

How about we rename this not socially capable?

Because somebody... sure as shit... has to be criminally responsible here.

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justfrank said...

Hey Neo, remember the good old days when we could wear what we wanted to, and smoke what pleased? This soundlike a case of " Angry underwear ".

syncrodox said...


Another interesting example of unintended consequences born of the leftards best intentions.

A significant proportion of urban social issues including both major and minor crime, homelessness, prostitution and the drug trade are linked through mental illness.

Back in the late seventies and early eighties the leading leftard intellectuals theorized that the mentally ill and mentally handicapped would benefit from deeper integration into mainstream society.

Older mental institutions were deemed archaic and closed custody an affront on handicap rights.

The doors were kicked open and many hurting folk who need support were cut loose to satisfy the smug moral relativism and overly idealistic opinions of a generation of ageing hippies.

Now your idea of making a person or group of people responsible for the care of our individual hurting folk is an interesting and well founded one.

Parents, family, extended family, community groups, ngo's faith groups....all need to be part of the solution.

Social Workers.....not so much. At least until they clean up their educational experience to challenge the sick among them who take a personal agenda to their work.

In my estimation fully half of the social worker occupation is unacceptably biased by their personal issues.

That said, Not Socially Capable is a term that needs to find it's way into the social work lexicon on both the figurative and literal levels.


KEvron said...

damn! i hate when i do that!

just thought i'd get that out of the way....


Anonymous said...

I'm with Syncro,

The lefties made a point of changing the rules for these unfortunate people and their families. There is nothing to compel one to take the Meds that keep them on this planet, Families can't interfere unless they can prove someone is a danger and get the Docs on side. In other words they have to do something dangerous first every time.

The lefties have changed it from a medical or societies safety issue to a individual's right to not take their meds issue.

Everyone is the loser.

Neo Conservative said...

"crazymamma says... In other words they have to do something dangerous first every time."

exactly... and this usually entails mopping up buckets of blood... and more from suicides than anything else.

ask yourself... how many people lose a family member because they can't get a doctor to commit an obviously psychotic individual who won't take their meds to an inpatient facility... before they harm themselves?

if the fiberals had spent 2 billion dollars on helping the mentally ill... instead of the useless "farmer bob rifle registry" they could have made a hell of a difference.


Anonymous said...

Geez, I thought he only had a 23 percent chance to re-offend based on figures pulled from my nether regions. At 24% he should never have been let go...

Neo Conservative said...

"A great deal has been written about Tracy Latimer's murder, much of it emotional and rightly so. Hers was a difficult life filled with developmental challenges and chronic, excruciating pain".

"Tracy was said to have functioned at the level of a three-month-old, utterly dependant upon her family for care. She had already endured numerous surgical procedures and more were scheduled. It was a daunting, demoralizing and all too familiar routine for both her and her family".