12 February 2010

Thank you, Prof. Peace Moonbeam

The compassionate, intellectual left and the "serial-killing robot soldier" feeding frenzy...
Yeah, genius... it's all about boot camp.

Funny how none of the uber-lunatic leftbots... or usual media suspects... is asking Count Ignatieff if his elitist alma mater is responsible for producing homicidal sexual-sadists.


Neo Conservative said...

explanatory note... for all the idiots out there who are trying to infer that the miltary turned this freak into a serial-murdering rapist... please note that he actually has more in common with the leader of the opposition than with any soldier of my aquaintance...

"Colonel Russell Williams, charged with murdering two women, was a serious student and excelled at playing the trumpet, the Globe and Mail reports: in his last year at Upper Canada College in Toronto, in 1982, he was elected one of two prefects in his boarding house."

"In the mid-1980s, he went to the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus, studying politics and economics, dabbling with flying through lessons at Toronto’s Buttonville airport."


JA Goneaux said...

If he were an infantry colonel, I MIGHT (MIGHT!) see a very small possible connection that MAY require some sort of review, if only to get some handle on a potential serial killer.

But for the love of Pete, HE FLIES CARGO PLANES! He flies VIPs. He runs an air base.

He doesn't bomb things. He doesn't order men into battle.

You ever get the idea that the left's entire knowledge of the military comes from watching "Hogan's Heroes" as a 5 year old?

Neo Conservative said...

"jag asks... watching "Hogan's Heroes" as a 5 year old?"

apparently, in the minds of the socialist simpletons... it also has something to do with geography...

yet another anonymous troll shrieks... "a raping, murdering bastard from your neck of the woods."

yup... born in england, educated at the poshest private school in the country... lived all over canada & the middle east... but it was only after he moved to sleepy, little tweed, ontario in the summer of 2009... that he discovered his inner-beast.

do these gomers ever listen to themselves?


Anonymous said...

Ask the CBC if it's safe to let your kids near Peter Mansbridge or Evan Soloman of the other CBC loons.

" Waldman, was arrested in November 2007 in Tucson on charges of travelling with the intent to engage in sexual activity with a minor. He was working at the time as a web developer at the CBC’s Manitoba headquarters but has since been dismissed."


Over the top?
Sure, but that's par for the course for the CBC.

Neo Conservative said...

well, to give credit where credit is due... let's not forget the gospel according to saint floyd.


Kaffir_Kanuck said...

I know from personal experience, that unless a CF officer was commissioned from the ranks, or learned manual skills outside the military, they don’t learn any hands-on skills, ‘cause they’re only managers. The exception being Infantry officers who lead from the front, and after that would be the other army trades, but mostly the Infantry.

And having been in both the Army and Air Force, I can honestly say, the Torture 101 classes are really the perpetual Rules of Engagement seminars we have to sit through. Gawd, kill me now!

So, ya, being in the Military, we’re taught to kill Humans, and some of us are taught to hunt and kill them too. That’s the job. But an Air Force pilot? Give your head a shake. Escape and Evasion training being more likely.

I’m certain the circus is still going strong, and the leftists are just lining up to join the clowns under the big top: