18 February 2010

The Last Post

Remembering John Henry Foster Babcock...

“When they asked me how old I was, I said 18. Well, when we got to England you had to be 19 to go to France,” recalled Mr. Babcock.

“I was waiting to be 19 and my service record came through, and they found out I was 16, so they put me in the young soldiers’ battalion.”
View his WWI attestation papers here.
He will be remembered.


UPDATE: Babcock family declines honours
The family of John Henry Foster Babcock, the last known Canadian veteran of the First World War, has refused Ottawa's offer of a state funeral.


Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, my good Sir

You were a great and courageous, man.

God Bless!!

Neo Conservative said...

sounds like jack babcock's mother deserves some kudos here... she marries a widowed man with 5 kids... had 5 more of her own and then her farmer husband is killed in 1907 by a falling tree.

i'm surprised she didn't try to enlist just to get a rest.