27 December 2009

I'm from the Government...

...I'm here to save you, er... spend your money...

As of August, Ontario taxpayers had invested $6.5 million in setting up the passport alternative to meet new U.S. travel identification requirements.

That means each EDL issued so far cost taxpayers more than $430, but drivers paid only $40 on top of a regular $75 licencing fee.
The ongoing financial genius of Dalton & Company.


Anonymous said...

Let's face it.

If this was the USA, Dalton would be in jail with no bond for fraud to the tune of a billion dollars.

The ehealth scandal has still not seen justice.

Who are the clowns that got the billion?

Some of these evil clowns got 3 grand a day and still billed me for a tea and cookies.

Until Dalton is gone and his friends are locked up, Canadians should feel ashamed.