31 December 2009

I guess killing an uppity kuffar woman...

...was just the icing on the cake...

Four soldiers and one journalist, all Canadians, were killed yesterday by an improvised explosive device in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

The names of the dead soldiers won't be released until their families have been notified.
Just one more thing to think about while Iggy & Taliban Jack incessantly screech about how we're responsible for how the Afghan government treats jailed terrorists.


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Bert said...

Let's start interrogating the !@#$%^&* f'ing terrorists ourselves, and when we're done, shoot them in the gut and let them die, slowly if possible, in a pig stye. They didn't sign the Geneva Convention, and they don't treat captives according to it. Don't give them the honour of calling them "Taliban" or "Al-Quaeda". To actually give them a name legitimizes them, in a way. Call them for what they are, terrorists, with no capital "t".

Neo Conservative said...

via sda, here's rex murphy interviewing (mp3) terry glavin...

"It's a disgrace, if you ask me, it's a complete disgrace that we're running around playing this sort of 'gotcha' journalism in Ottawa while we've got all of these soldiers engaged in this epochal struggle here, and treating - by the way - Taliban prisoners with kid gloves."

"If an insurgent who kills a Canadian soldier gets apprehended on the battlefield, and puts his eye out or something like that, he goes into the same triage system as Canadian soldiers do, and if he's hurt a little bit more than a Canadian soldier is, he gets priority."


Alberta Girl said...

I hope this shuts up those whose only goal is to take down Stephen Harper.

Such a nice group - those Taliban -

Pay attention Jack, and Iggy and Gilles and CBC and CTV and Global and the Toronto Star and every other idiot out there who pretends that they are 'feeling sorry' for the poor Taliban!

You all make me sick!!!!! I don't think I have ever been so angry as to think that while these soldiers (and now a journalists) puts their lives in danger just driving down the road, the idiots who are cheering for the other side are safely driving to their jobs, planning their next gotcha moment.

Mark said...

Whatever village this attack occured in should be destroyed. The inhabitants know who is planting these bombs and yet let our soldiers drive into trap after trap. If they can't even warn the soldiers about these bombs, then they don't deserve our soldiers protecting them.

Neo Conservative said...

"mark says... If they can't even warn the soldiers about these bombs, then they don't deserve our soldiers protecting them."

well guys... that's the thing about our soldiers... unlike the taliban, they don't terrorise the civilian populace.

i do agree though... the geneva convention does not apply to these savage, bloodthirsty terrorists. they should be handed over to the afghan government... to deal with as they please.

the harper government is treating them way better than, for example, i would.


maryT said...

My new name for those planting bombs is coward. I agree, we should destroy any village that causes our troops to die.
I think that the opposition and media yelling that PMSH prorogued parliament to avoid the detainee issue will fall on deaf ears after this murder.
And where is Goodale ranting from, Arizona. If it so important to be at work, why is he out of the country.
All mps will get an extra 21 days to holiday, not the 3 months the media is spouting. Get a calendar and count the days. Media can't report the news without spin, and it appears they can't count.

maryT said...

And to think 4 navy seals are on trial for giving a mass murderer a fat lip.
No wonder we are losing this war.
Just heard some pollster on cbc saying that this recess will not hurt the PM, and iffy has to get a new team in place as critics. He was particularly cruel to the current finance critic.
Trouble for iffy is he has no new talent, most of them have been there pre adscam. And, the rest are floor/party crossers from the ndp or reform.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt says... we should destroy any village that causes our troops to die."

sorry bert, mary... that's not just a "clearly defined war crime" under the geneva convention... it's insane.

you have to remember most of the folks living outside urban centers in af'stan are subsistance farmers barely out of the middle ages.

they're even more vulnerable to the taliban than our heavily armed troops.

save your anger for the actual bad guys.


maryT said...

And how many of those cowards farm by day and plant bombs by night. The least they could do, if they want a better life, is to warn the troops of the bombs.
My real answer to those bombs is to spray the roads and ditches and bridges, whatever, with pig urine. Think of the benefits, less pollution for hog farmers in Canada and the US, work for water bombers between forest fires.
Then, they could have pig leather on uniforms, that might contaminate a coward and roads etc, and keep him from those 72 virgins.
2011 can't come fast enough so we can bring our troops home, as the afghans do not appreciate the help they are getting.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt says... spray the roads and ditches and bridges, whatever, with pig urine."

while it may feel good to vent like this... it really isn't that helpful. in fact... you end up looking like these dickheads.

part of the problem is that the government is doing a lousy job of publicising its success stories.

wells are being dug, schools are being built... infant mortality has been reduced by 40,000 deaths per year.

our soldiers are doing good work there.

and not to minimise anyone's tragedy... but if the number of soldiers killed matched just the homicide rate in toronto we'd have upwards of 500 casualties to date.

our soldiers believe in this mission... we should offer them as much support as we can.