11 December 2009

"Like most Canadians, I'm embarrassed"

Does Toronto's Mayor truly speak for you? Apparently, he's having a whale of a time badmouthing the feds on the pinko-party circuit in Copenhagen.

Yeah... that'll help Toronto.

And when the chimp-o-sphere... in the person of Deputy Dawg... starts screeching about "Torturegate"... do you stand up and applaud?

Or do you ask yourself... isn't it the previous Liberal regime that negotiated all that prisoner stuff with the Afghan government?

Do we get to see all that too, Dawg?



mahmood said...

The airhead Dawg hacks-up a "Torturegate" and a "mother of all constitutional crises"...sheesh, he really ought to be scribbling in the National Enquirer or stick to the poetry coz man, what a terrible/failed writer he proves to be.

Marx-A-Million said...

I am embarrassed of you...

Anonymous said...

Give a lefty a soapbox and you will find out in short order;
A.They think their ideas / agenda are everyones.
B.Everything is the fault of Glo-bull warming / Conservatives.
C. If a terriost gets spanked with the slipper of death see B.
D. Who let the Dawg out?
E. Bad Dawg!

maryT said...

Breaking news on Fox, as I read the comments. Tiger is taking an indefinate break from golf.
His sponsors are pulling their ads. All those bimbos will have to re-think their decision to go public. They are not heroes, they are -fill in word.
Rumor has it he is moving to Sweden.
Hope he didn't invest all his million with Madoff. Now how will all those high priced lawyers get paid.

Bec said...

Swarmy little hypocrites, these name calling AGW and thug hugging, pulpit pounders are.

What, in just a couple of weeks they go from chastising the PM on a very human rights position with China to wildly ranting on about an Afghan bopping a terrorist Taliban with a shoe?
Do they keep track of their mindless double standards and ridiculous rhetoric?
They can't even check their Miss Manners handbook to find out that there was no insult to the PM in China and Chinese Canadians think they look like cultureless fools

And then we have the circumstances with AGW, Climategate and Copenhagen.
The cost to our lifestyle would be devastating and yet have many of them bothered to EDUCATE themselves really, with the science and follow the money re the players?
Absolutely not, just hand them another large intoxicating glass of the kool-aid.
It's truly astonishing!

sanwin said...

It take a particularly low breed of scumbag who goes to a foreign conuntry and then proceeds to piss on his home country.

David Miller is just such a scumbag.

Anonymous said...

Miller has a special level of nerve to spew his anti-Canada rants off-shore as if we are all ooh Soooo stupid that we would never hear about it.

Lets look at the facts for how he embarrasses us in Toronto.

During 3 "Peace" marches in Toronto there were children being used as 'Human-Shields' which is Illegal and overt Child-abuse under the U.N. Charter for Children's Rights.
During the annual Pride parade Miller and Police Chief Blair allow overt nudity by naked males that flaunt their sex organ to little children which again is Illegal and a violation of the U.N. Charter for Children's Rights.

Toronto still allows the CNE AirShow and CNE Auto race that creat excessive noise and Air pollution while Toronto's Health Dept. spews lies about 1000 people that die from smog every year in Toronto.

And here's the proof folks for Toronto being a dangerous palce for Children by the Pedophiles and kiddie-porn galore.
The UNICEF.ca website shows every one of the Children-Friendly Cities on Earth and the ones in canada......and guess what,Toronto DID NOT make the list as a safe City that respects the UNICEF's desire for Children's Rights which Canada signed on to and was created in 1989.

Where's Barbara Hall and the OHRC when it's Children being abused and having their Rights stopped on by Mayor Miller and the Police Chief when they both stay mute while Child-abuse occurs in public.

Just ask yourself what would happen if you as a Father took your 7 year old Daughter into a Pealer-bar where scantly-clad females began to undress down to their shoes ?
Would Chief Blair and Miller just sit back and tell the media that it's Healthy for the girl to see the Diversity in Toronto and learn Tolerance for all the person's who choose different Lifestyles.

I wonder if Miller takes HIS KIDS to the Parade and exposes them to nude males expressing Pride for their self-hatred .
I also wonder if Miller really has a Harvard MBA degree because he spent about $35million of OUR money to NOT build a $20million dollar Bridge to the Island Airport.

Over to you Miller......cherp,cherp,cherp...

bocanut said...

More poncified poodle poop from an imported, censor happy, upper class twit.

maryT said...

Has anyone written a letter to the Kazari govt to tell them that they are hurting a few liberals feeling by torturing their own people.
Now stop it. Just because they have beheaded people, on video, thrown acid in female faces, burned down the schools we built, played coward by planting landmines, and a few other things, you must not touch them. Even if your own relatives have been killed by those poor terrorists. They are upset you threw a shoe at one of them 3 yrs ago. Again, please stop it, our opposition mps are feeling sorry for them, plus a few others.
I am so upset with our troops that I bought 200.00 worth of Tim Horton cards for them for Christmas.
After all, if it wasn't for our troops we would not have the freedom to spout garbage.

Hoarfrost said...

The Libs and lefties know that they are spreading crap so don't listen to them.

Closer to Toronto:
Miller left it clear that he will not run again. There has been a lot of political juggling to become the leading mayoral candidate in the public eye.

We, the blogging Tories, have been fighting the limitations on free speech that the lefties want. One of the worst Commissars of the Human Rights limitation Committees is Barbara Hall of Ontario. Did you know that when Barbara Hall ran for the position as Toronto mayor her campain manager was Silverman. Silverman just gave his goodbye resignation speech in the Liberal Ontario legislature in order to run for mayor of Toronto. Please be warned that we must all unite against Silverman who will follow Miller's main degenerate policies.

I cannot say enough because he pretends that he is a moderate when he is absolutely nothing of the sort.

Mark said...

I'm embarrassed to live in a city run by idiots like Miller. The 2010 election cannot come soon enough.

Hoarfrost said...

Your right! It is George Smitherman. At least I acknowledge an error. I dashed off the name of an aquaintence named Silverman in my haste. Please beware before you even think of voting for that man.

JA Goneaux said...

Actually, when you think about it, the recent climate controversy and torture are related. Basically, it shows that the scientists have tortured the data in a way that won Arar $10 million. And you know what they say about torture: if you do it long enough, the victim will tell you anything...

Rose said...

After reading the comments from the Taliban supporters aka political left at CBC perhaps we need the miltiary brought home to protect us from terrorists' supporters in Tarrana?

You want to see hatred and filth read the comments, CBC comment's section reminds me of a hate site good thing I'm forced to fund that kind of treasonist's shite in the comment sections.

The political left are using our military as chum in the shark infested waters of Parliment. Tiss an ugly site to behold.

Frances said...

"Like most Canadians, I'm embarrassed" - of Toronto's mayor!!

Frances said...

should be 'by Toronto's mayor'

Neo Conservative said...

now that "his blondeness" has declared himself a lame duck... watch for the 2009-2010 farewell tour (like this copenhagen junket) to kick into high gear.