08 December 2009

Translation: Yeah, junkies are assholes

Apparently CBC wants you to believe there's yet another plague stalking hapless Canadians.

The truth is... oxycontin kills people... the same way cars cause accidents...

"I think what needs to happen is that patients, and probably to a greater extent their doctors, need to develop an appreciation for the toxicity of this drug and probably a respectful fear of using this drug in patients who are prone to misuse or who are prone to consume alcohol or sleeping pills."
So really... this is about that same tired old demographic who doesn't actually give a shit if they live or die.

Yeah, Jethro... there's a reason they call it "hillbilly heroin."

Hmmm. wait a minute... anybody else catching the muted & belated reportage that swine flu is actually killing fewer people than the regular variant.

I guess the MSM needed another boogie-man.



Anonymous said...

Neo, I have to agree with you on this one. Just like those assholes who jump on motorcycles jacked up on Demoral...

Neo Conservative said...

i guess you mean demerol, nonny... but you seem to be missing the point here.

you can point at drugs or guns... or anything else... but the simple truth is, cbc's plague talk notwithstanding... it's stupidity & too often criminality that kills people.

you pound pills & alcohol... it's gonna bite you on the ass.

and that, my friend, is on you.