17 December 2009

Ask a social worker

See, where I come from... that's called "aiding & abetting"...

• TORONTO • A 16-year-old boy whose mother put him on a Canada-bound plane with the goal of having him illegally immigrate will be allowed to stay, at least temporarily, after the Toronto Children's Aid Society suggested the boy's safety would be at risk if deported to his home country of St. Lucia.

Despite the fact that the boy's mother and his four siblings still live in St. Lucia, and that the boy has regular telephone contact with his family and has received past financial help from them, Children's Aid, in the words of Justice Mainville, "has apparently decided that the best interest of the child lies elsewhere than with his biological family."
Hang on a second... is that the criteria we're using here?

I don't think so...
"The rate of deaths from injuries is 3 to 4 times higher for Aboriginal children than for other children in Canada."

Source: Government of Canada (2002) Healthy Canadians – A Federal Report on Comparable Health Indicators 2002. Ottawa: Health Canada.


Etherdancer said...

What does the rate of deaths/injuries for Aboriginals have to do with an immigrant (illegal or otherwise) boy from St. Lucia? By definition, this boy isn't an Aboriginal (according to Stats Can).

What criteria are we using?

Neo Conservative said...

"etherdancer asks... the rate of deaths/injuries for Aboriginals"

maybe you should read a little bit slower.

the cas is using the gossamer-thin argument that this boy's safety is at risk if he is deported back into the arms of his family... thus they have to take him into custody.

well... our own government statistics unequivocally show that aboriginal children here in canada are undeniably at risk... when compared to the national average.

why aren't these folks practising what they preach here at home? don't aboriginal children deserve the same level of protection?

you get that... right?