02 December 2009

An Inconvenient Data set

In for a penny... in for a, well... billion...

-- WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's top science adviser urged lawmakers to act to curb emissions of greenhouse gases, despite the uproar over emails in which some prominent climate scientists appeared to advocate squelching the views of researchers skeptical that human activity is driving a dangerous rise in global temperatures.

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LAST WORD: MSM catches up with the news?
The entire IPCC and peer-review process must be repaired. The alarmists and self-appointed censors who have corrupted the system must be replaced with scientists who will ensure honest inquiry and a full airing of all data, hypotheses and perspectives on climate science, economics and policy.


Anonymous said...

A legitimate Canadian small-c fiscal conservative government would stand up fervently and passionately as opponents of any kind of "Cap, Tax, & Transfer system of wealth redistribution. Rather, the "Cap, Tax & Transfer" system that left-plunging Harper and Prentice keep referring to is a stealth strategy for an enormous, disingenuous, long-term tax increase on all Canadian households. "Cap, Tax & Transfer" would evolve around an economic Ponzi scheme that includes an enormous new source of tax revenue to the Canadian government to allow it to continue to expand into the private sector, demolishing thousands of high paying manufacturing jobs, the emergence of global governance, create a temple of dome which would lock in devastating disasters for our children's generation, and a devastating transfer of wealth from wealth producers to wealth wasters.

This tax increase and wealth transferring vehicle would immediately increase the costs of goods and services such as gasoline, electricity and a wide range of industrial products. The increase in the price of Canadian goods would make them less competitive. Canadian firms would suffer in export markets and domestically in competition with goods imported from countries that do not impose such a high implicit tax on CO2 emissions. There would no doubt be pressure to impose tariffs on imports from other countries that have lower carbon costs. Countervailing tariffs base on carbon content would hurt Canadian consumers, destroy thousands of jobs, and threaten our global trading system.

Any candid, forthright genuine small-c fiscal conservative would verify that the “Cap, Tax & Transfer” tax system is nothing less that the extreme left’s new, socialistic approach to redistribute wealth from wealth producers to others. An ingenuous small-c fiscal conservative, contrasting our CINO PM, would divulge that the “Cap, Tax & Transfer” system is just another version of Trudeau’s National Energy Program which also was created to transfer wealth from the west.

If Canada had a authentic, candid fiscal, social and judicial small-c conservative as PM, he would informed us that the climate has not changed in the last eleven years, that "Cap, Tax & transfer is a socialistic hoax; therefore, he would not annihilate the Canadian economy just to please the left-wing extremists who insist on transferring wealth. Rather a genuine small c- conservative would insist on starting at step one which would mean examining the contradictions in the climate data. Before we destroy our economy with employment killing taxes, and transfers of wealth to the dictators of Africa, we must reach an accurate understanding of the current climate situation.


mauser98 said...

emails include JP Holdren, Barry O's science szar.