13 December 2009

Door Number Two

Lemme see... you could get thousands of your pinko pals to jet over to Denmark and throw rocks at cops... or you could do something useful...

Oyster® will combine high efficiency and survivability with low cost operations, maintenance and manufacture to produce reliable cost-competitive electricity from the waves for the first time.
Scotland... it ain't all fried Mars bars and exquisitely executed head-butts.


UPDATE: Look on the bright side, warmers...

...at least there wasn't any cannibalism...
"People were there in freezing conditions urinating on themselves and being held in lines like, essentially like animals."


maryT said...

How could they be in freezing conditions with all that global warming they want stopped.
With all the record breaking cold and snow, why can't they claim victory and say, we have stopped the warming. When will they ever be satisfied.
I fogot, it isn't about warming it is about stealing our money for useless projects.

Neo Conservative said...

exactly how much criminal carbon was generated by tens of thousands of protesters flying into copenhagen?