21 December 2009

Remember when you were a kid...

...and murdering people wasn't actually considered a viable social solution?

-- TORONTO -- A 23-year-old man was arrested after he walked into 53 Division police station at Yonge St. and Eglinton Ave. early Friday evening, said Det.-Sgt. Mike Barsky, of the Toronto Police homicide squad.

Investigators found the strangled body of a 19-year-old girl at the man's apartment, he said.

Investigators alleged the killing was pre-meditated and charged New Orleans resident Binh Nguyen with one count of first-degree murder.
You wrap your hands around the throat of a teenage girl and... looking right into her eyes... you crush her windpipe and watch her life drain away.

I got nothing.

No, wait a minute, I actually do.

Two words... lethal... injection.


Anonymous said...

you know he will plead not guilty then it will argued he had a bad childhood, his big brother bullied him and his father made him do chores around the family hovel.
Judge will say that society has to fix the problem and will sentence him to life in luxury at societies expense.
Then he will sue the system since he can't get high speed internet.
what is the point of arresting these people?
Instead of punishment they get treated like royalty.

Carter Hall said...

Lethal injection is for Americans. Canadians need to go back to Mr. Ellis and 12 ft. of rope.

robins111 said...

Once again Neo, I'll volunteer to be the switch guy.

Carter Hall, I'm thinking for a more Canadian solution, how about beating him to death with an aluminum snowshoe.

Anonymous said...

we could always let them loose in the summer in NW Ont. the black flies and mosquitoes would have them gone in a day.
no fuss no muss and probably no body

Anonymous said...

Death by "black flies and mosquitoes".
I love it.

Bert said...

Drop him on Baffin Island in November with shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of sandals. Maybe throw in a few "endangered" polar bears for fun.

MrEd said...

hmmm...polar bear feed... I like that idea... after a few years the population would maybe be off the endangered list and be trained to expect the food source so we would be able to argue we couldn't stop this as a punishment because the poor polar bears may die out if we cut their food supply

Neo Conservative said...

"carter halll says... Canadians need to go back to Mr. Ellis and 12 ft. of rope."

never happen though, will it? isn't karla homolka down in the bahamas with her new husband & child?

hey, here's a thought... let's just ask a liberal.


Carter Hall said...

Then Karla better watch out because the rope is still on the books in the Bahamas and several other Carribean countries.

Joe Connell said...

lethal injection??No bedtime story first ? How about a short drop and a sudden stop?