23 December 2009

The compassionate, intellectual...

...Party of Iffy...

Although, Ms. Guergis does not comment on her husband’s situation, it has not stopped the Liberal opposition. She is faced, at times, with nasty heckling: “Are those ‘lines’ you are reading,” MPs will yell in reference to lines of cocaine.

As well, there are references to the minister, who is very attractive and soft-spoken (she won a local beauty pageant in the early 90s), having “powder” around her nose. Nice.
Just a sidenote here... but have you heard even one Liberal MP mention the tortured and maimed wives & daughters in Afghanistan?

Funny... they're just all about the poor Taliban.

I don't get it.


langmann said...

Of course then there's the double standard. Remember the ragefest in the media when Belinda was called a dog, or "mind your knitting" etc?

Not a peep.

Jen said...

The 'key' to the LPOC survival comes from the cbc ctv, global g/m, t/s. If Canada had a 'real' media, Lpoc would not have lasted.

BTW, Will the frightened media ask their boss(LPOC) for our money back.?

Another thing, did you know that there are 57 states in the united states said so OBAMA himself.

Strange, Afghans have a new media some are women who host their own radio shows and yet we are still stuck with the same 'dark and gloomy' national media

Neo Conservative said...

it's incomprehensible, to me anyway... how the liberals are screaming about the treatment of taliban prisoners... but won't say word one about the systemic mistreatment of afghan women.

go figure.


langmann said...

Neo, as I have said before, if they really cared about torture in AFstan then they wouldn't be so eager to pull out.

This is all about making the cons look bad. No one really cares.

Martin said...

Remember the video posted by climingoutofthedark.blogspot, last Feb. of Carolyn Bennet mocking Ms. Guergis's girlish voice, as she attempted to answer a question. Bennet denied it, of course and refused to apologize. Heckling female MPs is only sexist if they happen to be Liberals, NDP, or BQ.

Sammy said...

No one does fake 'outrage' better than the Lib.'hags!'..and no,this isn't sexist,I am a 50+ female..and know what I'm talking about.Just watch Bennett,Jennings,Fried-in the-Head,and you can throw in Judy Washingmachine from the Dippers for some real nasty stuff.I find all of them despicable examples of 'wimmin' hate for anyone Cons.It reflects what the left in the US continue to do to Sarah Palin.

Carter Hall said...

Given Dr. Bennett's dimwitted concern about sex toy safety and past equally insightful pronouncements, I think the potential patients in TO are better off with her in office than in practice.