10 December 2009

A cunning... one might say...

...extremely wily opponent...

The attacks in West Wickham, Kent, began in February. One motorist lost the use of their brakes as they pulled off their drive, and another's failed while they were driving into busy Bromley.

Over the next seven months, the phantom vandal struck eight more times - indiscriminately hitting three Mercedes, a BMW, three Fords, a Nissan and an Austin.

The crime spree escalated from August onwards.


syncrodox said...

Does this mean we need a fox crime task force or a national fox registry?


Neo Conservative said...

i wanna know more about scotland yard's wildlife crime unit.


beachnut said...

Vixen leaves victems.
A foxy fox.
Mammal brakes Mercades.
Rodent breaks brakes.

This is fun!