06 December 2009

Saving the Planet...

...one stretch Hummer at a time.



Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy of the AGW crowd knows no bounds. If this gang of criminals gets their way, you are looking at your future. The elitist ecofreaks will ignore all their own rules and continue to live the good life. The remainder will pick up the tab.

maryT said...

OT, but there is not one mention of another anniversay that changed the world 67 years ago today.
It had a greater effect that the murder of women in Montreal.
I think FDR called it a day of infamy.

maryT said...

When Pres Bush was elected the second time, Rush L made this stmt, it must be awful to be a liberal, and have so much hate, knowing no matter what happens, that hate will still be there in the morning when they wake up.
I will be adding someone to my list of who I pray for at Mass every Sunday. Bet it doesn't help, but at least I tried.

maryT said...

It will soon be Dec 8 in some parts of the world, guess someone has never heard of the international date line. So, it was an anniversary today.
Why are the male students that calmly left the room when asked, while a man shot and killed 14 women never interviewed.
Wonder what they became, or what they think of that day.
Some must be very full of despair and hate. Could explain why some people make such horrible comments.
Was that the start of people never taking action when they see wrong things happening.
And, just watched a clip of the PM in Hong Kong and they showed pictures of the prisoners, skin and bone. That is what torture looks like, not Arar or those poor detainees.

Marx-A-Million said...

Al Gore should be President of the World!