24 December 2009

Ask an unrepentant ol' hippie

Who says smoking dope doesn't make you smarter?

-- DENVER -- Family members say 44-year-old Erin Marcove gave the toddler at least one peanut butter cookie made with cannabis butter on Dec. 4. The next day, she had trouble rousing the boy and called an ambulance.


Kai said...

Well, some good came of this. The child has recovered, and dip shit grandma druggie offed herself.

Neo Conservative said...

i guess she wasn't as much of an (and i'm quoting)... "advocate for medical marijuana" as she imagined.


Kai said...

Hey, Neo, that is the favourite way for stoners to justify why they are useless drains on the rest of society. They turn from being druggies to "advocates for medical marijuana".