31 December 2009

In other "Homegrown Terrorist" news

McSlippery government makes yet another huge payout to cover up its malfeasance...

Government lawyers acknowledged early on that normal policing, where officers conduct investigations and make arrests in a timely manner, didn't happen during the occupation.

Both Queen's Park and the OPP were concerned that “provocative action” by the police could escalate the crisis, and relied instead on special guidelines for “aboriginal critical incidents.”
"Provocative action"... like, you know... enforcing the law of the land.
In practice the policy led to bald-faced two-tiered policingstrict, arguably over-enforcement of the law for non-natives, virtually none for natives – which infuriated Caledonia residents and emboldened the most lawless of the protesters.


storytime grandma said...

I am glad they finally settled but lets have the Lieberal government pay not the taxpayers.
If they had done the right thing at the start we wouldn't have this mess.
either the party or the individual mpp's should pay and leave the taxpayer's money alone.
I think we have paid enough for their inaction and over payments to their friends and cohorts in crime.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The amount of the payout is supposed to be a secret. How is that when the money is coming from the taxpayers? I don't get that.

Neo Conservative said...

"storytime grandma says... lets have the Lieberal government pay not the taxpayers."

sorry granny, this one, once again... just like the millions the liberals used to buy the caledonia housing development before handing it over to the aboriginal terrorists... is on you.

just like the 81 million dollars they pissed away on a casino in liberal cabinet minister dwight duncan's riding.

but heck... all of that's just chump change...

"It has been estimated that there are as many as 18 million OHIP cards in the province, but we only have 12 million citizens."

"How much of our health care budget is spent on services provided to people with counterfeit cards. The budget this year is $25.5 billion dollars, a 7.3 % increase over last year."

No wonder McGuinty lied about the "OHIP tax."