18 December 2009

Bias? What bias?

The Globe & Mail spares no effort or expense to present all sides of the Copenhagen fiasco.


Anonymous said...

Harper's absence as a credible vice in Copenhagen is a national shame. He'd better shut down parliament for the winter. Between this disaster and the ongoing Afghan detainee scandal, his numbers will continue to slide below the magic majority numbers. In fact, they already have.No amount of flag waving in Vancouver will help him out. The next budget will be grim and sooner or later, the era of Harpo shall pass.

Neo Conservative said...

of course, nonny... because you say so. care to actually comment on the post?

the bottomless wisdom of anonymous trolls.


wilson said...

LOL, our national media are not quite sure how to spin what has turned out to be, obviously,
that poor nations want Western cash,
while not wanting to reduce their ghgs to save their own butts.
...to tell the truth would be to confirm that PMSH has been right all along.

Anonymous said...

AH "nonny" I am not sure what a "credible vice" is. As far as the Afghan Shoe gate is concerned it's bogus, same as wafer-gate, pandemic H1N1-gate, take your pick all blather and no substance. The leadership being shown by not caving into giving the U.N. our hard earned dollars cause it's somehow our fault that Al Gore thinks the world is melting? Proof please. (crickets chirping) Our Prime Minister is showing the world that Canadians aren't to be bullied by a bunch of enviro-mentally challenged rent seekin'twits.
Cheers Bubba

syncrodox said...


If Elly May and Layton are pissing and moaning it looks like we dodged another leftard bullet.

Relatedly, I like Ottawa Notebook's tagline:

Jane Taber and the Globe's Parliamentary Bureau Set the Agenda.



Anonymous said...

G&M and AGW are getting clobbered in the comments.
There is hope,folks.
Canada is standing alone and getting stronger daily.


Louise said...

I've noticed a whole slew of online newspaper articles getting clobbered on this issue.

Down with Pravda. The people rule!!!!