10 December 2009

Fire... them... all...

There's just no pleasing these guys... first they hold up "tough on crime" legislation... now they're crappin' on consumer protection...

-- OTTAWA -- Key Liberal senators voted Wednesday to weaken the government's consumer product safety legislation — putting at risk the proposal to give Health Canada inspectors the power to recall dangerous products quickly.
Somebody remind me... why exactly are we allowing these unelected pork-barrel bullies to subvert the will of Parliament?
The bill passed the House of Commons unanimously in June when the three opposition parties got behind the bill, drafted to replace 40-year old legislation universally identified as outdated.


langmann said...

Liberals. They'll go on a mad rampage to ban guns that only one or two people own per province, and work their darndest to let repeat violent offenders out on free reign day parole...

But some factory in China can produce and ship to Canada a lead crib with a swinging knife on the end of it and a noose on the other end and ministry scientist and joe public, we all got to wait until the Minister of Safe Walks shows up in his office to sign the scientific papers banning it.

Neo Conservative said...

i thought iggy was supposed to have these guys under control.

i guess i was wrong.


jwkozak91 said...

The last gasp of the dinosaurs, if you ask me.

The PMO's first order of business for Monday, January 4, 2010 - name 5 new senators. The Grits will have 49, the Conservatives will have 51.

And unless the Libs can elect 52 senators, they will no longer have a Red Chamber majority.